Thursday, July 7, 2011

today, we take the battle to them *

We deposited a ready Wolfgang off at his second phase of driving school this morning. Him and the car.

He did the classroom portion, passed the written test, spent 3 lovely hours at the DMV to get his permit, now it's on to round 2:  the "Skills Course", or as I adoringly call it, the "Crash Course".

He gets to learn crash avoidance, controlling a skid, the hand-to-hand feed, the slip-and-grip, all kinds of things over the next two fun filled days.

Our car is a manual transmission and I've been learning him the finer points of driving such a thing over the past few days.  We pulled up amid a few wimpy minivans, some crossovers... some kid is in a Hummer.  No worries.

Our Subaru Outback is ready to take them all on.  Pardon the attitude, but recall that I just saw "Transformers 3".

As I pulled the car into the ready position for the start of class, I heard one of the instructors comment, "Op, we got us a clutch". 

I handed the keys to Wolfgang, "From here on, the fight is yours...**"

* Optimus Prime
** same guy


Guano said...

Clutch & stick. Instant street cred.

Use the hand brake Ken Block Gymkhana-style and really impress the instructors -- and get kicked off the course!

terri said...

I won't even pretend to understand what that first commenter is saying. When my dad tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift, I ended up exiting the vehicle and walking back home. Automatics and me have lived happily ever after.

agg79 said...

After a week in Germany with a stick, I regained my appreciation for clutch shifting. Kudos to Wolfgang for attempting the course with a manual stick. If he can conquer the course in manual, the rest is easy.

brandy101 said...

I just want to click "like" after reading this! :)