Friday, July 22, 2011

to be continued...

I was back to the DMV today.  This time, we set a new P.R. of just over 4 hours.  Good times.

I was there with Chaco and crazy Meego, who decided he'd come along even after having experienced the last not-so-long-ago visit with Wolfgang.  Chaco's had all of his "prework" for his license completed for a while now, we'd just been putting off the DMV for the final step.  Today, we bit the bullet.

While there and waiting, I decided to get a new tattoo:

It reads:  "ME  DMV  4 EVER"  with a little passion flower, just above the left knee.  I just needed something to remember the day by (that and I was extremely bored and the stationery store next door to the DMV had a sale on pens).

Weird things happen at the DMV.


agg79 said...

Nothing says stay outta my way like a DMV tat. Glad to hear you were able to spend your day productively.

terri said...

4 hours. That's CRAZY! Love your new tat, but I'm curious as to Magnum's reaction.

Anita said...

Well shiver me timbers! I don't even want to think about 4 hours at the DMV! Glad the stationery store was next door. :)