Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the examined life

I was beginning to feel that I've too readily fallen into a slothful state since the school year ended. This whole idea of summers off has been too easy to adapt to.

So I frantically began a search for meaningful productivity with only a healthy amount of sloth. I realized that in the last 8 weeks or so, I have:
  • Gotten everyone caught up on physical checkups, eye exams (including new glasses for Wolfgang and Meego), and dental checkups.
  • Acquired a learner's permit for Wolfgang and a driver's license for Chaco.
  • Taught the aforementioned permitted Wolfgang the art of driving a stick.
  • Read a couple of books that I actually learned stuff from.
  • Visited the parents.
  • Vacationed in the mountains.
  • Got an aquarium up and running
  • Spent a bunch of money on automobile upgrades.
  • Accompanied the dog on many a walk
  • Cooked some stuff.
  • Cleaned some stuff.
Okay, so it hasn't been total sloth, but some days it feels that way.  Believe me, there've been some good slothful moments peppered throughout. 

And today I attempted my first ever self portrait.  Well, first ever since like first or second grade, but that doesn't really count.

It was a weird exercise.


Anita said...


I'm glad you used your profile pic because making the comparison shows how good you are.

Slothful? Nah, you're not.

Will we ever be satisfied with our levels of work, rest, helpfulness, parenting, wifery, etc? And the list goes on.

AHAviews said...

Sloth is a comment I usually hear in the back of my head - and it's not MY voice saying it... I do like your self-portrait. Used to do them a lot, always from a mirror, or a mirrored surface. I've used the inside of a spoon (makes you upside down), a christmas ornament, a car bumper (when they used to have chrome) and any mirrored surface that would present me as I never see myself. Always a great exercise, I find, in seeing ourselves differently. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Linda Hensley said...

Nice job! I'm giving you a Sunshine Award because I love looking at your posts and have been so glad to talk with you online. See the details on my blog and spread the love! Keep up the great work :)

"Sunshine Award 2011" .

The rules:
- Thank the person who gave you this award
- Write a post about it
- Answer the questions
- Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

Unknown said...

You're allowed to be a sloth now and then. But I doubt you are lol. Great portrait. You are very talented!

terri said...

Seems to me you've achieved a nice balance between productivity and enjoying the slower pace of summer while your kids are off school. Don't worry, the school year will be back too soon and you'll be busy as ever.

agg79 said...

Slothful? I beg to differ.
Anyone who has accomplished what you have done has been way busy in my book.

And the self portrait is great. I love how you captured the intensity. Way better than the 1st grade version.