Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

My dad.

One of the good ones.

For one thing, it was him who taught me to ride a bicycle.  For that alone, I should be eternally grateful.  But he's done oh so much more. 


agg79 said...

So he's the one to blame.
Whoda figured it would have led to Tessa and your two wheeled adventures. Happy Father's Day to the pater familias!

terri said...

Hope your dad had a wonderful Fathers Day. He brought you into this world. That makes him a good one in my book!

brandy101 said...

How are your folks doing these days (after your mom's health issues & such?)

My dad is an amazing guy, too. He *loved* being a dad and now loves being a grandpop.

Judy said...

that picture is all kinds of awesome. What an amazing dad to be involved from the get-go!

Scott said...

Sweet photo! Happy Father's day to him!