Friday, June 17, 2011


Greetings blog friends! I'm back, did you miss me?? Did you even notice I was gone??

Anyways, remember how I mentioned we were going to do a road trip to Arizona, but Arizona was on fire, so we didn't? We brainstormed to come up with alternatives and settled on just driving a couple of hours up into the mountains and playing Tourist to Colorado.

We rented us a cozy 2 Bedroom condo and just had a lovely time. About an hour into the drive, we realized we had not one camera between the five of us. Oh fudge! How to visually record the trip!?

Suffice it to say that, through the magic of super high technology, I was able to capture images of the trip and share them here...

Here's us, heading for the hills in the big butt van:

There was a nice pond to rent paddle boats. The geese were bullies. Here's the kids in their boat, playing chicken with a goose... and winning!

Of course there was fishing. Didn't catch a darn thing.

And bicycling!

The educational portion of the trip included a tour of a former Gold Mine. It was awesome and not for the claustrophobes!

Here's me, outside the mine, panning for gold in the nearby stream. I found some shiny bits and made friends with a sweet burro. I don't think I found much gold, but my burro friend did provide a friendly golden shower. *ahem*.

We swam nearly every day.

But mind you, it wasn't just Kidstuff. I purchased some wine for Magnum and me and didn't notice until later that it was named "Menage trois" - from some naughty winery in California.

It wasn't bad, but I couldn't help but feel that something... was... missing....

In the end, a great time. Colorado, you beautiful state you - and not on fire!


agg79 said...

Sounds like a sweet vacation. I am sure you were just dying to get back home.

We've had a bottle of Menage a trois. Better if you share it with a friend. Of course, you just have to try "Happy Camper" Merlot or "Old Bitch" Chardonnay.

Guano said...

Menage a trois? A bit overrated. Or so I'm told....
Great "pics"! Welcome home.

brandy101 said...

I've had that Menage a Trois wine - it's good! (It's a red blend, I believe?)

Anyway do you know who served it to me (and other people at a dinner party?) MY PASTOR!

He said he gets it at Costco, so now you can have some at home, too!

Your cell phones don't have cameras? We don't take cameras b/c we always have our phones w. us.

Mary Lou Rosato-Caine said...

I love your vacation pictures! Camera are over rated anyway.

terri said...

While photos would have been a nice addition to this post, your illustrations were so FUN! Sounds like the perfect, relaxing kind of getaway.

My boss gave me a bottle of Menage a Trois for Christmas one year. I found it hysterical. I don't think she understood why I found it so funny.

Scott said...

I love this post! Your use of drawings makes it more enjoyable than mere photos would--something primal about it, like getting back to our basic human roots!