Friday, April 29, 2011

what they wore

Run with Lumber is nigh. Barring any major upheavels, it's on for next week. And we have shirts!

Recall that the PTO prez wanted to award shirts to students who brought in $20 or more in donations, but had trouble getting a reliable and friendly artist to design them. So I ended up doing the dang things, but I have to admit it was fun. And now they're heeeeere.

I've got 4 big boxes of them in my house now.... along with the 3 big boxes of shades and 2 big boxes of otter pops. This thing better happen soon - I'm out of closet/floor space.

I'm pretty happy with how the shirts turned out and I hope we get to give them all away.

Then earlier today, I came across this site - apparently there was some big wedding somewhere:

Click here and check out image #5 of Elton John. Dang! It's t-shirt Lumber or What?!?

Who knew our little fundraiser was such a trendsetter?


Judy said...

That pose is what ALL the cool kids are doing! HAHA

Scott said...

Love it! You have any in size 3XLT?

agg79 said...

Great pose! I bet he's jonesing for a shirt as well. The shirts look great. Are you gonna sign 'em?

terri said...

Whoa! That's kind of a strange coincidence!

Great design on the shirts. Ever consider doing t-shirt design for a living?

brandy101 said...

they turned out great! and funny, Elton is in the same pose!

Abby said...

Scott - actually Yes! We have 2 in size 3X. We ordered one for a large guy loyal volunteer and the promo shop threw in an extra.

Terri - I would love to be a professional t-shirt designer. Ya need some?? You know where to find me!