Thursday, April 21, 2011

that day

Hay Chihuahua! Busy times...

It's been nearly an entire week since my last confession blog entry. Well, it is Run with Lumber season, so I've been a bit caught up in all the preparations. Now, we wait for Mother Nature to comply (pleez pleez pleez pleez puh-LEEEEEZ be a nice day).

And it looks like those t-shirts might actually happen. The local promo company is just "cleaning up" the artwork for our approval and then they'll start cranking them out.

Then there's the job thing. My part-time teaching assistant job is pretty expendable, and I wouldn't be surprised if it no longer exists after this school year. The crossing guard post is pretty stable, however. It's just my strategy to collect a bunch of part-time jobs and figure they can't cut them all.

And so I have to say that I'm pretty thankful to be in the position I'm in - that of not feeling that I really HAVE to work. I just have a need to be useful.

There are a few pregnant ladies at work, already making plans for their return to work after the babies. It reminds me of the exact moment I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. After Chaco was born, I stayed working, just cut my hours back. Then came Wolfgang and I still went back to work.

One day, I was walking across the vast parking lot on my way into the building which housed the cubicle with my name on it. The sun was still low in the sky and seemed to be illuminating the many child carseats in cars in the parking lot. I remember thinking, "how sad, all those little kids at some form of daycare...." Then I realized, "Yikes! My car has two freaking carseats!"

I think I gave my notice that day.

That was so many years ago. Who knew that someday I would be planning an event wherein I run around with a big furry wolf and a buncha kids?


Scott said...

Best wishes--I hope the weather is wonderful!

Scott said...

Best wishes--I hope the weather is wonderful!

Judy said...

Ah, Run With Lumber! I'd help, but I'm volunteered out at the moment, you know.

I think I'm busier now than I was when I worked full time. And to think I WANT to go back into that...probably so I can get some rest!

terri said...

Hope the good weather comes through for Run with Lumber!

That was a good decision you made that day. I remember when I decided I wanted to stay home. It was the day I went back to work after my maternity leave. I started working on getting a home day care license and by the time my baby was one year old, I was home with him. I loved it. So glad I did that!

Herb said...

You made the right choice and I hope the weather is wonderful, too.