Sunday, April 10, 2011


Prizes. We have prizes.

Run With Lumber is in less than a month, and things are starting to come together. Of course, it's not over 'til it's over, but at least I've got the participation prizes. Yep, just come to school that day, and get one! Heck, they can probably get one if they don't come to school that day.

I had Wolfgang model. Okay, so can you tell what they are? Hoodies? Sunday hair?? NOPE, they're cool shades! One size fits most! (I don't know why this particular pose - I blame video games and too much violence from the entertainment industry).

I just got finished bagging up 4 hunnerd and 20. Now, they just need to stay intact somewhere in my house for another few weeks.

I've got extras.... you know you want some!



Judy said...


Since I ran a mile at our school the other day (there should be a plaque erected in my honor now for that feat), I should have sunglasses! HAHA

Scott said...

If it's candy, I do want some--but I don't need any!

agg79 said...

I so want me some.
Great prizes for the runners. Would be interesting to see everyone at the event or school in a pair.

terri said...

They ARE cool! I DO want some! If I run a few laps, will you send me some?

Anita said...

What! No tee shirt!!! LOL

Lookin' good, Wolfgang. :)