Sunday, March 13, 2011


Greetings and welcome to another Sunday Illustration Friday on Saturday. I'm a day behind. This week's prompt is "stir" to which I respond with a drawing of a belly dancer.

Ever seen one live? There were lots of them around in Boulder, CO where I lived for a while. There was a greek restaurant that I remember going to on a date once. A belly dancer would stir herself amidst the tables - jiggling her jewelry and skirt coins and other things... I remember her balancing a candle on her head, all the while.

I find them wonderfully exotic, and I've thought of taking lessons myself. I don't exactly have the typical body (parts) for it, but it could be fun.

Not to worry, I wouldn't quit my day job.


terri said...

I love your creative process. I see the word "stir" and think of a spoon. You think of a belly dancer, and when you describe ones you've seen, "stir" makes perfect sense.

Scott said...

She's gorgeous, of course!

I was in a local singles group in Mobile many years ago, that had some really enjoyable parties. At one of these, there was a belly dancer who happened to be a member of our club. And though she wasn't of Middle-Eastern or North-African descent, she was quite good. In fact, I approached her for a date (of course), but she turned me down because she thought I was too young for her (of course)!

Linda Hensley said...

I love it. Really nice job! I think you should take the lessons. Your belly dancer looks like a part of you trying to get out :)

agg79 said...

"Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred."

Still a good stirring visual. The dancers I've seen are very exotic but also highly athletic/limber.

Anna said...

You should definitely give bellydance a try! I've done a few classes here and there and have been meaning to take it up again for ages - it's fun and really good exercise (especially if you have a dodgy back).

I was about 80% more gangly than everyone else in the class - I swear my arms have never felt longer - but it was still fun!

brandy101 said...

I recall a funny belly dancer story that had to do with my parents going on their 1st ever plane ride for a work convention - back in the days when the wives were expected to attend (and the event planners had ladies' activities planned while the menfolk "worked")

Long story short, in their pile of photos was one of my dad's co-workers at a convention dinner with a very busty belly dancer perched on his lap! Us kids squealed when that slide came around on the projector during the photo show of the big trip!

Anita said...

She's definitely built like the belly dancers I've seen on TV or in the movies.

I'm not having a memory of seeing one in person. Closest memory would be during my honeymoon in Hawaii, seeing the girls dance at the luau.

You should try it...why not? :)