Monday, October 25, 2010


Yes, I have a facebook.

I know of facebook users who have a gazillion friends or so, and that's certainly fine. My own style of facebooking is to (a) set it up, (b) hardly ever go there, (c) ignore friend requests from people I hardly know, (d) accept friend requests from people I truly like.

So yes, I've ignored a friend request or two or twenty. The fact that I occupied the same town/school/place of employment at some point with another person isn't enough to get me to hit that "accept" button. (So there, for those of you who are on my friend list, see just how discerning I am!)

But yesterday, I got a strange request. It was from a colleague of my DAD!

I mean, I vaguely remember what the guy even looks like. I remember him being at our house for the occassional dinner party where I was banished to the kitchen to do clean up duty. I remember his wife's name only because he mentioned it in the friend request: "...Glenna say's hello". In fact, I can't even bring myself to refer to him by his first name, he was always "Mr." Colleague of My Dad.

Pros of accepting his friend request:

* I won't feel bad about not accepting it.
* I do have a few fond memories of him and the family.
* He went through the trouble of finding me and sending the request, so I should reciprocate.

Cons of accepting his friend request:

* I'll worry about him reading my rare but possibly raunchy status updates?
* It's difficult for me to refer to him by his first name.
* I'll worry about him reading my rare but possibly raunchy status updates?

Oh, what the hell, I hardly never even do status updates (yes, I know I'm breaking a grammar rule there).

It's still sitting there. A day and a half has gone by since he sent it. I want to know if others have ever gotten an atypical friend request and couldn't decide. What to do?


agg79 said...

I have the same philosphy on FB. I exist, but just not very active. I prefer to sit back and enjoy my relative anonymity. Let everyone else update their accounts with farmville updates or the bazillion sites the "like" or what shows I am watching. TMI

Duble said...

I'm glad i made the cut. I have friends that think i am my dad, having the same name and all.

I usually accept them and then tell them, where to find him. However, i have had a few requests of people my dad used to golf, hunt or just socialize with and i remember thinking, I didn't like you before.

FB is funny that way, lots of people looking for friends.

Wendy said...

Usually those types I accept so as not to hurt feelings, but put them on limited profile so they can't really see anything. :P

Anita said...

Looks like you've got a little dilemma goin' there.

I have an account that was set up only to link to my blog. If I could do it over again, I'd have my personal friend account, and my everybody else account. Initially, I didn't know that I would want to use it for personal stuff. Sooo...I don't, because now there are 100 friends attached to my name.

So, no raunchy stuff, no kids' pics, no fan pages...just "Hi, how are ya."

terri said...

I accept most friend requests and then communicate with almost no one. I just can't get comfortable with the whole facebook thing. Oh, I did for a while there around the time of my class reunion, but that is fading already.

And every time I think about trying to be funny with my status, I remember that I accepted a friend request from the deacon at the church we never attend anymore, and he almost always comments on anything I put up there. Makes me feel like I need to censor myself and act all wholesome and such.

You're really not obligated to be friends with anyone you don't want to be friends with. Go with your gut.

brandy101 said...

Raunchy? Oh guuuurl PUH-Leese! Your's are so innocuous!

Accept his request! :)

Judy said...

Well, you know me - I am a facebook whore. Oh well.

I do have a request from a guy from the first high school I attended that has been sitting there for almost 3 weeks. I'm wondering if it "times out" after a while. I can't ignore him, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger on the acceptance, because I truly have NO CLUE who this guy is. But, we have A LOT of friends in common.

Anna said...

Haha, Facebook produces such dilemmas. My favourites are the people who add you for no reason whatsoever. Different country, no mutual friends, no similar hobbies. I can never help but wonder... WHY?!