Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wake me up when September ends

Greetings! AH-CHOOOOO!! Bless me, there's so much dust around here, I've got the sneezes.

I'm glad to say that things are settling down to a gentle roar on the work front. This weekend is a big test weekend, subsequently I predict much alcohol consumption come Saturday evening - either of the revelling-in-success kind or the drowning-in-failure kind.

While I'm glad to be able to get more dimension back in my life, I will miss the current round of students. *sniff*, they grow up so fast.

My grad class features a bit of a love triangle between the characters Music Man, Teacher Girl, and Teacher Man. I'm just going to stay away from that altogether and turn my efforts to pulling for Tea Girl and Camper Guy. Oh, wait, I want them to do well on their tests too, of course. ahem.

Anyway, it's nice to visit the blog again. Expect resumption of regular programming.


Anita said...

I hadn't thought about all the "hormones in action" that you get to witness while doing your job.

Just thirty or so years ago (ahhhh!!!) someone was watching me as I flirted in class, and I was oblivious.

Adam said...

kinda makes me wonder if a teacher was pulling that on ME every now and then...

agg79 said...

Did you ever thing you would see so much drama in your classes? Nice to hear your students are learning so much. Hope they survive the pre & post test weekend festivities.

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terri said...

Seems like your classes come to an end just as things are getting interesting! A love triangle? That's a new one for your classes!

Anyway, I expect they'll all do great having had the benefit of your tutelage!

Judy said...

There's "regular programming" in life with boys? Really? let me know what that's like...:-D

stacy said...

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