Saturday, September 18, 2010

tastes like high school

This was an awesome week. A bit of a rollercoaster ride, and we all know that THAT is NOT meant to be a good analogy in my case, right? But, bottom line, it all ended up well.

For one thing, it was Halo Reach week. Anyone know what I'm referring to? Anyone? Yeah, Halo REACH! *voice dripping with sarcasm*

But I started a new class this week, and it's a friendly attentive bunch. It's still a bit early, so I don't have any secret nicknames yet. No budding romances that I know of. And then I got word today that another class I was scheduled to teach is a go. Up until last Thursday, it looked like it would be cancelled due to low enrollment, but a couple of last minute sign-ups sealed the deal.

I'm looking forward to this class as it is a class of high-schoolers. In all my time doing this test prep thing, I've never taught a class of live high-schoolers. I've only done private tutoring and online classes for the high school crowd. So, I'm thinking it's going to be fun.

Of course, I'm practically minded enough to realize that I may very well be eating those words after our first couple of classes.


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terri said...

I think you're going to like the high school class. They're test-preppers, which already tells you they must be at least slightly on the high-achiever side. Betcha they'll be a fun class.