Thursday, September 23, 2010

I see you, v

I was out this morning, enjoying a lovely run, when I was nearly run over by a vehicle pulling into the high school parking lot. I'm not sure if the driver was a high schooler or a parent or what, but the vehicle was one of those crossovers.

Crossovers: The new minivan.

Be careful out there.


Wendy said...

Unfortunately it's the pedestrian who must be careful. Drivers just aren't looking out for the pedestrians like they should be.

Anita said...

That's scary. Haven't had that situation while running. Hope you didn't pull or twist anything while dodging, and very glad that you were not hit.

brandy101 said...

When I was buying the Buick, I was glancing around the GM showroom - GM is no longer making ANY minivans - only crossovers (plus the usual sedans, trucks and full-sized vans.) The financing guy told me they gave up trying to compete with Chrysler in the minivan market.