Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the excitement continues

Happy Wednesday, I made the new weekly pilgrimage to the p.o. box today. Lo and behold, there was something in there!

A coupon! A coupon for Staples!

So there was much satisfaction in knowing that I had pedalled all the way there - brought the bike lock and everything - for an actual purpose. There it was. A shiny coupon. A coupon I will probably never use other than to add to the weight of our recycling.

Deanna Somebody or
Current Resident

That's me! Just below my alias of "Current Resident" was a business name. Later, I was extremely bored and unproductive curious, so googled Deanna Somebody of [name of business] to see who the previous owner of our p.o. box was.

Natural nail care.

Well okay then. That was exciting.


There's always next Wednesday. I can hardly wait.


  1. If it makes you feel better, your trip to the p.o. box and ensuing Google search were probably WAY more exciting than my adventure this afternoon...

    I left the office to take a trip in the elevator down to the little convenience store where I purchased a couple of Hershey bars for myself and a coworker. It was PMS day in the office.

  2. was an interesting little tidbit, anyway.

  3. does Deanny stillhave her nail salon? You should see if you can get a "friends & family" discount, seeing as how you share the same PO box and such ;)