Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the excitement continues

Happy Wednesday, I made the new weekly pilgrimage to the p.o. box today. Lo and behold, there was something in there!

A coupon! A coupon for Staples!

So there was much satisfaction in knowing that I had pedalled all the way there - brought the bike lock and everything - for an actual purpose. There it was. A shiny coupon. A coupon I will probably never use other than to add to the weight of our recycling.

Deanna Somebody or
Current Resident

That's me! Just below my alias of "Current Resident" was a business name. Later, I was extremely bored and unproductive curious, so googled Deanna Somebody of [name of business] to see who the previous owner of our p.o. box was.

Natural nail care.

Well okay then. That was exciting.


There's always next Wednesday. I can hardly wait.


terri said...

If it makes you feel better, your trip to the p.o. box and ensuing Google search were probably WAY more exciting than my adventure this afternoon...

I left the office to take a trip in the elevator down to the little convenience store where I purchased a couple of Hershey bars for myself and a coworker. It was PMS day in the office.

Adam said... was an interesting little tidbit, anyway.

Wendy said...

Haha, you googled...

brandy101 said...

does Deanny stillhave her nail salon? You should see if you can get a "friends & family" discount, seeing as how you share the same PO box and such ;)