Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

GOSH! (ala Napoleon Dynamite) Where did this week go? Well, I'm sure some good stuff happened in that blur somewhere, let me try to rewind.

For one thing, a new class has begun and so it's good to be working an actual schedule for a while.

And yesterday was a fun day. We went out for a large recreational breakfast and then spent the bulk of the day fishing at the lake. It was a very nice day for it and nice to kick back and connect with nature if just for the day. I even had a momentous moment with a friendly turtle to boot.

Meego graduated another level of swim lessons. One of the reasons I signed him up is because the open swimming is so sparse around here. It was already bad to begin with, but budget cuts closed many pools, so it's really slim pickin's now. At least one of us got to swim.

And this so happens to be our last week of summer break, so last week, I got out the dreaded school supply list. I was glad to see that 5th grade isn't too bad. Really, some years have been downright ridiculous. So I got most everything on Meego's list. There is no list for High School. Gotta love High School.

On a similar note, we did some back-to-school clothes shopping. Wolfgang has outgrown most everything over the summer. Chaco and Meego are pretty similar and what wasn't grown out of was worn down to a holey pulp. We caught some deals. According to one receipt, I "saved" over $100. Where is it?


terri said...

I sympathize over the school supply lists. When my kids were in grade school, the lists got so extensive it was hard to make sure I got it all. LOVED it when they got to high school. There are no school supply lists in high school here either.

Congrats to Meego on his swim graduation!

Judy said...

I got all giddy getting Travis' fifth grade supplies together, realizing next year will be so different, and then I remembered Tyler. oh yay....I get to do it all over again!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

One of the best comics I ever saw in a newspaper had a similar statement to yours. It shows someone telling their partner about what they'd bought on sale that day.

The dialogue goes something along the lines of: 'I saved $50 at this shop, and I saved $30 on this pair of trousers, and $80 on these shoes. I would have saved more but I ran out of money'.

I wish I'd kept it - a lot of people I know could probably learn from it :P