Sunday, August 1, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Welcome to Sunday! Welcome to August!

This has been a goodly productive week. I will start with thankfulness for my healing rib whatever. My own totally nonprofessional diagnosis is a pulled or torn muscle as opposed to a cracked rib. This is good, as I was thinking, geesh, am I such an old lady as to crack a rib by sitting up wrongly from bed?!? Anyways, it's feeling much better. I can actually move and breathe now. And, in case brandy101 reads this, just know that I am able to do those "small household repairs" again too. ;)

Sort of on that note, Magnum, Meego, Wolfgang and I went for a Slurpee bikeride yesterday. This is just a bike ride that includes stopping at a 7-11 along the path for slurpees (God forbid we'd expect the kids to just go for a ride without some sort of junk ingestion at some point...). This was enjoyable as I hadn't ridden my bicycle for over a week per aforementioned rib thing. Can you imagine how annoying I must have been to live with!?

Anyway, as we were sipping slurpees under the slurpee tree, I was discussing with Wolfgang my mixed feelings about another year of PTO. He's convinced me to stick it out. "You have to stay president of Run With Lumber", he says. "All the kids know you that way". Oh, so that touched my heart a little.... (but maybe it was the way he said "president" of Run with Lumber. That sounds so much better than "chair"...)

And Chaco missed out on the slurpee ride because he was completing the second phase of his driver's ed at Masterdrive. This is his least favorite phase, the classroom phase: 3 full days of book learning, but he completed it. Not such a small feat because it required getting up at ungodly hours of the morning - ungodly to a teenager on summer break anyway.

And it rained. It rained a LOT. God bless the rains down in Africa and Colorado Springs.



Anita said...

Just getting back in town from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Apparently, I've missed the onset of your "rib thing," or either I'm having a senior moment and forgot that I read about it in another post.

Either way...I wish you a complete recovery, and that it won't take forever!

agg79 said...

Slurpee bikeride. I like those kinds of rides. 7-11 would make a great sponsor for the Tour de France.

And I know you'll be glad you hung in another year with the Run With Lumber. Lots of work, no pay, little reward, but it is worth it. And I would label you as "Queen of the RWL". Much more majestic.

Herb said...

We definitely need rain. And it wasn't on your bike ride.

terri said...

Glad to hear your rib is healing up and that you've come to terms with your PTO commitment.

Now if you could just help me with getting Toto out of my head. I'm sure they're going to be stuck there for a long while, thanks :-)

brandy101 said...

LOL, good luck with those "repairs" - just make sure not to get chafed ;)