Thursday, July 22, 2010

churchly quiet

A couple of hours ago, Chaco and Wolfgang left on a camping trip. I KNOW! They went without the rest of us!

Yeah, they went with the Neighbor Flanders'. With their Youth Group from church. Chaco and Wolfgang have done other things with this group. Even though we don't go to their church. Even though we haven't set foot in a church in several years for anything other than an occassional wedding. In fact, it's probably partly BECAUSE we haven't set foot in a church in several years that they get invited to these things. Save the children!

There was a time that we regularly attended church. I don't want to be negative, but I will say, "OH the HYPOCRISY!", and so we left.

So here's poor Meego. Siblingless for a few days. Stuck with just the parents. He's not a fan of only childness. In fact, he started lobbying for a younger sibling a couple of years ago for the sole reason that he realized that Chaco and Wolfgang may someday move out of the house, and he didn't want to be the only kid left. (pssst, not gonna happen... the younger sibling thing)

But in the meantime, it's just the three of us for now. I thought we'd take advantage of that and do some things more geared to his age and interests.

I'm just trying to remember what those are.


terri said...

I'm kind of with you on the church thing. I always think that I need to get back to going to church somewhere... but... I just don't want to.

I'm sure that Meego will find some enjoyment in being the center of attention for a few days. Spoil him a little! :-)

agg79 said...

I can totally relate to your sermon on the church. Seems that a lot of people have the same outlook.

Enjoy the relative peace & quiet. As the #3 sone (out of 3), I can relate to some of Meego's feelings. Always getting the hand-me-downs or left overs from the older brothers. Hope you enjoy the weekend doing stuff only a 10 year old could love.

brandy101 said...

Aw, I hope you come up with some fun activities to do with him.

Deirdre said...

Oh, yay for one on one time! Good luck. :)

Duble said...

10 year old fun?

What do 10 years to other than want to do stuff that adults think they're to young for and protest having to do kid things?

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Meh, when I was 10 I liked drawing, making things, reading and computer games. So pretty much the same things I like now... I think I fail at growing up.