Tuesday, June 29, 2010

morning persons

I've noticed a strange phenomena the last few weeks: People. Droves of them. Outside.

On days that I go running, I run early in the morning, and this morning was such a one. Unlike the dark months of winter, when there are just the occassional chance encounters with suspicious men with duffle bags and no one else, these summer morning runs almost qualify as "crowded".

This morning, for instance, I came across several dog walkers, dogless walkers, and a few runners scattered about.

There's a woman who has routinely been running at the track for several weeks now. I don't know if she runs everyday, or if her runs just happen to correspond with mine, but she's quite systematic. I also came across a relatively large woman working her way up a hill as I was going down. She moved over to the grass as I passed, took a swig from her water, and gave me a very cheerful, sweaty, breathless greeting.

Rounding a corner, I came upon another woman and her two dogs. She directed my attention to across the road where there were 4 deer a-grazing.

I will miss all this in December.


Adam said...

ha! A running crowd, how cool :)

agg79 said...

I'm one of that crowd - prefer the early mornings. Cooler, quieter, before the nuts get out. People are much nicer in the morning. Of all my early morning jaunts walking the dogs or running, I don't recall encountering a grumpy person.

Deirdre said...

I recently began running outdoors. I needed a switch from the treadmill and I happened to have a friend/neighbor close by who wanted a running partner as well.

Yesterday was my first experience with droves of people. When I made my first round of the block, I didn't see anyone. By my second round, there were people everywhere.

Anyway, long time no visit... I'm glad to see that you're still running! :)

Duble said...

YEa, you look like a terrorist. "Abby Bin Runnin'"

terri said...

I love being out in the early mornings. There's something magical about that time of day.

Judy said...

We are apparently past the outdoorsy gatherings down is too hot, all of the time. Everyone is inside (or at Schlitterbahn, hahaha).