Tuesday, June 22, 2010

look into my eyes

Allrighty, so at work we do these live online classes, right? One thing that's more difficult than it sounds is to maintain "eye contact" with the classroom or tutor student. It's tempting to just look at what's on the computer screen, when really, we're supposed to look into the "eye" of our webcams.

Here's my webcam sitting on its usual perch atop my monitor. See it? Very small and non-humanlike. Not very engaging to look at.

So one of the trainers gave us a tip to stick a picture of a friendly face onto our webcams - you know like in Lamaze class where they tell you to bring a photo of someone you like to ride the waves of the contractions with you?(I never brought photos for those occassions myself. Would've probably ended up ripped to shreds). But for live online, I thought, "Oooh, good idea!", then wondered whose photo I should stick.

I didn't necessarily want a family member (really, I see enough of them), and for inspiration, I just did a google search on "face", to see what that would bring up.

Got a lot of faces I didn't care for....

Eventually I settled. Allow me to hereby confess that I have a bit of a secret cougar crush on Shia Labeouf. YEAH, go ahead and laugh... fine... shut up... whatever! He's got a friendly face, OKAY?!

Anyway, here's my new webcam:

Looks so much better!


brandy101 said...


That is a RIOT!

Its also quite good pic of Shia.

terri said...

You're too funny! I'll never be able to take Shia Labeauf seriously because I'll always think of him as that goofy kid, Louis Stevenson on the t.v. show "Even Stevens."

But I guess goofy can be friendly too.

Duble said...

you've been watching transformers in teh man cave haven't you?

agg79 said...

I like the picture idea but having Shia stare at me would freak the heck outta me.