Tuesday, June 1, 2010

galerie de abbynormal

You know how, if you have young schoolkids? How they're always bringing home some sort of "artwork"? Some people plaster the front of their fridge with these masterpieces, but I have never been much of a fridge plasterer myself.

Some of them get sent straight to the trash (those that I'm pretty sure won't be missed), others are put into a binder.... er.... portfolio, and still others reach the distinction of framage and wall adornment.

( I really don't own anything else to put on the walls, and I'm not into "Twilight"/Justin Beiber posters.)

It's occurred to me that, while I occassionally display my own artful attempts, I have not given a thorough walk-through of our art adorned domicile. Join me in the living room?

The photo above shows a lovely composition of a large fish and mountain vista. First grade Chaco and third grade Meego respectively.

And here we have a lovely abstract piece from pre-school Meego (note the unplanned effect of gravity!) on the left, with an exquisite second grade Wolfgang iguana.

Nextly, what a treat of military prowess! Yes, that is a fifth grade Chaco "Crimson Guard" on the left with an intimidating fourth grade Wolfgang Samurai on the right. Pardon the glare.

And lastly, the Wall o' Muscle. This particular display involves some 3-D art in the form of a Plymouth Roadrunner model in blue; a Dodge Charger model in black, and a Plymouth Superbird model in red. The 2-D art, clockwise from top left, is a Ford Mustang of unremembered year (it has the year on the drawing, but I'm too lazy to check), yet another Plymouth Superbird, a wood carving of Speedy Gonzales (what is he doing there?), topped off with - yes you know it is - an oil of Optimus Prime.

Thank you for joining me on the tour. Who says we are uncultured?


Anita said...

Your last statement got me! LOL

Our kiddy masterpieces are hanging in the stairwell that leads to our unfinished (soon-to-be finished) basement...LOTS of them. No wall space left.

Those that didn't make the wall are in a giant red wallet envelope. I've taken a picture of all pieces, stored on my special "Art" SD card, so that when I have to "part" with them, the memory will live.

Your children have their mother's talent. :)

Whodat? said...

Speedy Gonzales is entirely appropriate! I can think of no better caretaker of such a collection. Ariba!

terri said...

I love that you've framed the kids' artwork. I've been thinking of doing the same for about...oh... 3 years, with 3 particularly artistic pieces. The boys have not typically displayed any artistic tendencies, which is what makes their pieces so impressive. Kacey on the other hand, at one time had plans to be an art teacher when she grew up. Problem is, all three pieces I want to frame are big. REALLY big. So I procrastinate on the framing. I should just put the framing on Mark's to-do list. Then he'll think it's his job.

Clearly your boys have inherited your talent!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

It relieves me greatly that you are not into Twilight/Justin Beiber posters. And frankly, I think that Optimus Prime should feature on more walls!