Monday, April 19, 2010

what not to wear

A local radio station asks trivia questions on weekday afternoons. Listeners who call in with correct answers to the questions win things like movie tickets or passes to local funcenters and whatnot.

The questions usually involve something that a percentage of some population does, like "7 percent of people have done this before marriage!" Vague stuff like that.

So the other evening, I was driving home when the trivia was, "73 percent of women say they will not date a man who wears this!"

Calls were coming in with answers like, "suspenders", "speedos", "socks with sandals", etc. Eventually, someone called in with the correct answer and scored some minor league baseball tickets or something.

I, in turn, was feeling quite triumphant myself. I got home and asked the fashion challenged Magnum if he'd heard the radio trivia. He hadn't, so I repeated it for him. He began guessing, "suspenders?", "speedos?", "socks and sandals?". I was rather proud of him for at least knowing that much...

But no, none of those were the answer.

"Pleated pants!", I revealed.

See, just recently we had a conversation about just this thing. It was my assertion that men (women too, for that matter) should NOT wear pleats. He was puzzled. He owned some pleated pants. Pleated pants that I had probably purchased. A loooooooong time ago!

Back then it was fine. Things change.

One thing about people with Asperger's is that they don't notice when things change. They often have to be told. Once things are defined for them, the things stay neatly defined that way forever. Hence, the fashion disasters that can ensue.

So, I'd told him about the pleats, but it was the radio trivia that got him to discard the pleats. Seventy-three percent of women is powerful.

Now... about that 20-year-old rugby shirt...


Beej said...

I am constantly being accused of discarding Larry's stuff. I promise I don't. Now, I'm not unhappy that certain things go missing, but I'm not to blame.


agg79 said...

Nooo. Not the shirt!
I guess next you'll tell me to get rid of my leisure suit.

Scott said...

That's bizarre--pleated pants look great! Fashion is totally unimportant to me, I wear whatever looks good on me personally. This includes pleated pants. And if 73 percent of women wouldn't date me for wearing them--I wouldn't get along with those women anyway. I want a woman like me, to whom fashion is totally unimportant!

Whodat? said...

Assume the same is true for pleated shorts (uh oh; just bought some!)?
I have to be told such things. Am I an Asburger's candidate?

terri said...

I might have to worry about my husband if he ever wore anything other than blue jeans, but since he doesn't, and since they don't make pleated blue jeans, he's holding his own.

terri said...

... actually, I'm not sure what I'd have to worry about since he's not really a candidate for dating...