Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Run With Lumber. It came, they ran, they drank, we scooped, we counted, it's done.

The weather cooperated for the most part, and there were no serious injuries, so I'm calling it good.

This year, Lumber looked a bit different from class to class. He seemed to shrink a few inches, but then would come out later and be taller again. Oh, the mystery!

Well, not that much of a mystery. Wolfgang and Chaco were tag-team Lumber this year. Wolfgang wanted to do it last year, but I told him he was too short. So, he set to work on growing, and managed to fit the suit this year. That's him in the first pic up there.

Chaco, the veteran Lumber, is there on the right, with the taller kids. They both enjoyed being King of the Day. Sheesh, each time I would bring old Lumber out for the start of a run, it was like a freaking Justin Beiber concert.

Meego made a good showing too, setting a new PR of 19 laps. I ran with him, and he figured out how to pace himself.

So.... 60 liters of root beer, 10+ gallons of ice cream, a bunch of little flashy light things, and a slight sunburn later, I'm ready for some sloth time now.



Scott said...

Looks like they had a wonderful time! I can't help but envy them all--children know how to really live, and I think we adults forget that knowledge.

terri said...

Looks like you had a great day for it too, in spite of the recent snow scare!

Congrats on another successful event!

Judy said...

I always know when the end of the school year is near by your Run With Lumber posts...and the end IS near! WAHOOOOOO!!!

agg79 said...

Congrats Volunteer Mom!
Great job in organizing the show.
Looks like everyone had a blast. It's officially yours for the next 5 years...