Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh, poor poor neglected blog! Is it true I have not been here since Silver Liningness Sunday? And here it is, already Illustration Friday? Is that what it's come to? Theme days only?!?

Well, no. Work's been busy, but that has started to nicely let up.... just in time for my volunteeringness to get busy. BUT, it's all good.

Today's IF prompt is "detective". And I will say, that I've long been impressed by dogs' abilities to do just what they were bred for. I fondly remember the time that a sheep truck overturned on a narrow winding road - no that's not the cause of the fondness.

The situation would have been a traffic nightmare if not for the steadfast border collies brought in. Those dogs were total badasses, no other way to describe them. They managed to move those disoriented sheep to the side of the road and keep them there, thus allowing traffic to continue to flow. Yes, total badasses, and they knew it too. You could see it in their faces.

So, when I saw the "detective" prompt, I thought of the hound. Here we have a Basset Hound. Bred to hunt rabbits. I don't know if mine will find any rabbits, but it should at least alleviate the blog dust bunnies.


  1. sweet drawing :)

    Good to have you back, Abby.

  2. great looking basset hound. like the eyes
    michael dailey

  3. as a basset mommy, I am digging this illo. :)

  4. I know this isn't a very masculine word--but it's adorable!

  5. aw, you should send it to Hush Puppies!

  6. A hunter? I don't know. I think he looks like a cuddler. He looks cuddly to me.

  7. I love his eyes and the emotion you have captured.

  8. Border collies are incredibly intellegent and bright dogs. I've seen them do some amazing tricks in herding animals but this is the first time I've heard of them used for traffic control. Smart move.

    And I love how you captured the sad Basset eyes.

  9. Oooh, is that watercolour? It's lovely! And it'll show the blog dust bunnies who's boss!

    (what is a dust bunny anyway? We don't have the phrase down in my corner of Earth)