Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday! Happy end of February! Is it spring yet?

It feels to me like this whole month just flew by. It's been a busy one, but good busy, not bad busy.

I'm thankful that I have work opportunities a-plenty and am actually in turn-stuff-down mode. I did say "yes" to the latest tutoring request - a soldier transitioning out of the military. How can I say no!? That would just be wrong.

So I currently have one class and three tutees. The class is a Live Online class, and it's going well. I can't see the students' faces, but certain enhancements by the Live Online techie people have made this a more personal experience for both students and teachers I think. The other teacher doing this class with me is a pretty laid back guy. Plus, gotta love that commute!

<---Meego crashed my "classroom" the other night. Dang webcam to hams is like light to a moth... (we were off-camera to the class at the time *ahem*. You know I'm all about professionalism *COUGH!*).

It snowed. It melted. Snow here is not news, and the kids even got a delayed start to school one day this week. But it melted quickly. My bicycle never knew a thing. I did encounter some pretty good road vomit here and there, but it wouldn't be bicycling in February without it.

Took Chaco in for his annual checkup, and now just have one more victim to cross off the checkup list: the cat. He goes in tomorrow. He DESPISES going to the vet's. Is there a stronger word than "despises"?

Despite work busyness and snow and dr. visits and the usual housewifery, I'm stil playing regularly with my artsy toys. Drew some ivy on a 5"x7" notecard for a friend. In so doing, I discovered brush pens. Ooooh, brush pens! Where have they been all my life?!


agg79 said...

Tutees? Had to think about that one for a moment. It is great to be busy and you look like your plate is full. And extra brownie points to you for helping a soldier make the transition back to civilian life. It may seem like a small thing but it makes a difference in one person's life! Thank you for doing your part to support the troops.

And Meego looks like that guy that always gets his mug in the shot whenever a camera is around.

Good luck with the cat/vet trip. Vallium and tequilla (for you) will make the trip easier. Duct tape for the cat.

And nice ivy! You could have your own showing.

Adam said...

Abby, your drawings look awesome! I've got to start that back up again myself.

Sounds like you're having a great week. Good luck w/ the class and new work opportunities.

Judy said...

Brush pens are AWESOME. Love them. I hide mine from the boys, lest they become ratty-ended brush pens. ;-)

terri said...

Being plenty busy is a good thing, unless it becomes overwhelming. But it sounds like you know how to prevent that from happening.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Mmmmm.... brush pens!

Also, that photo is hilarious and adorable both at once.

brandy101 said...

road vomit?! LOL...

Oh man, I am a bad cat mom - my three are all overdue.

Herb said...

That's why "ham" and "webcam" rhyme...or, er, not...