Sunday, February 21, 2010

Silver Liningness Sunday

Good morning on this snowy Sunday! It's snowy here anyway, but it's pretty, gentle, fluffy snow, not the mean blustery, drifty, crusty snow.

It's been a busy week at work. I started a new class, and I took on another tutor student. So much for my phasing-out-of-tutoring phase. The class is for the GMAT this time, and it has been totally revised, so I've had to learn myself the new stuff. It's extra work, yes, but I like the revisions and the work is fun because I'm a geek like that.

Took China the crazy dog for her checkup at the vet's this week too. She's fat and getting arthritic, but the heartworms are dead and gone.

Remember the kids' bedroom project? Of course you do! Well, they managed to get some cleaning done. Not nearly as much as I would prefer, but I'll take what I can get. On Monday, we ordered new beds for Chaco and Wolfgang. They talked us into Memory Foam mattresses. Now I want one too!

Here's what the room looks like today. It has a rather military barracks/juvenile detention facility feel to it, I think, but they seem to like it. Once again, I Spy a Cat. I also Spy a Lazy Young Male Human.

The next project is new paint for the awful walls. What do you think - big flowers??

But during the cleanup, we found a bunch of Meego's "Magic Treehouse" books which were promptly sold on craigslist, so he's a little bit richer. I also found a figure drawing book that I think we bought for Wolfgang when he took a summer art class. It's mine now.

Oh, and I mentioned earlier that I gave up negativity for lent? It's working! Five days into it anyway. I'm thankful for my positive role models! Everyone should have them!

Despite the work busyness, I've still found time for Art and Bicycles. I'm honing my figure drawing skills thanks to the cleanup, and I have another watercolor in the works. The car sat in the garage a lot this week too... before the snow.

For this week's Sunday Sketch, I give... a chair. That's it. Just a chair... in keeping with the furniture theme.


Adam said...

I thought about looking into tutoring know, just cause I KIND OF have an English degree. It's on my list, I guess.

SOunds like you had a great weekend, though! :)

brandy101 said...

Ooh, next project should be building headboards for the new beds! There are so many cool ideas for making unique and inexpensive ones; frilly, modern, male, female, all styles and colors!Some with built-in bookshelves/nightstands, too.

Check out or other sites.

Abby said...

Thanks Brandy!

terri said...

Something tells me the boys might not appreciate pretty flowers on their wall. I'll bet they'd let you do an aviation theme and they might even help you with it!

Last time I painted my kids' rooms, I let them decide the colors. Orange was a popular choice, but two of the rooms have multi-colored walls. They're kind of fun actually, and I loved doing them, especially because my mom and dad would NEVER have allowed such craziness.

agg79 said...

Yes. I'm sure they'll love big, colorful flowers. Then again, if you let them have a hand in selecting the color and theme, it may turn out interesting/manly.

Scott said...

Green camouflage! It does look like a military barracks--or a small hunting/fishing lodge--I think green camouflage would be perfect!

Judy said...

Oooh, I like Scott's idea! Camouflage walls! That would be awesome!