Sunday, December 20, 2009

Silver Liningness Sunday

Another lovely week has been entered into the books...

Got our Christmas tree yesterday. I've mentioned here before that we traditionally get a small still-in-the-pot evergreen each Christmas and then plant it in the yard later. This year, it's a cute little baby blue spruce. Shhhh.... it's sleeping in the garage.

The kids had their last week of school before winter break this past week. It was finals week for the high schoolers. Chaco and Wolfgang say they think they did well on the things. We will soon find out if reality matches.

I've taken the last few weeks off from work. I'm thankful that I have such flexibility in my job. I'm starting to notice that I miss it though, and that's something to be thankful for too. I've got a class scheduled to start up in a couple of weeks - fresh out of the gate for the New Year. A gala it certainly will be.

So, we are pretty much on break-time status, which is temporarily a nice thing. I'm thankful for couch-potatoes and sleeping cats - not necessarily mutually exclusive items.



agg79 said...

Enjoy the time off with family. Eat too much, sleep too much, spend too much, have too much fun. Eventually you'll have to go back to work, but in the interim, have a great time off.

terri said...

I love these holiday weeks too, when the kids are off school and we are free to relax and kick back. Enjoy your time off with the family!

Beej said...

I would enjoy an opportunity to start missing my job. I have a feeling, though, if given one, I would NOT. :-)

Anita said...

I'm sensing a good few weeks ahead for you and your family. Enjoy!