Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silver Liningness Sunday

Happy Sunday! I have much to be happy about.

For starters, my thermometer says "42". No, not "4.2", not "-4.2", but a whopping FORTY-TWO above zero! It feels like the Bahamas.

Okay, enough of the boring meteorological updates...

It was a good week. We had that blustery coldness, but that was actually kind of fun. Kids got a snow day and a delayed start out of it. The count now stands at 4 snowdays used up for this year. The schedule allows for 6. 2/3 down and it's only mid-December.

It was also quite productive. I was way behind on some of our financial mumbo jumbo - just one of the many hats I wear around here: financial mumbo jumbo person - and I'm glad to say that it's almost all caught up now. Much crunching of numbers.

On that note, I'm thankful that we have some decent numbers to crunch in these "tough economic times".

In other productivity news, My Christmas Shopping Is DONE! Can you believe it? Neither can I! Now, about those decorations....

In movie watching updates, we saw the latest Star Trek movie. I'm not a Trekkie. I'm not even really a Science a-Fictionado. Magnum and the kids liked it, though. I slept a bit and wondered why Uhura was often dressed in clothing that was 2 or more sizes too small. Eric Bana as the vengeful, tattooed, bad boy, Romulan, Nero was HOT, though.


  1. 42 degrees and the Christmas shopping is done. Sounds like a good week! Now get those decorations up, stat! :-)

  2. I finished my shopping today too! Yay!

  3. 42 degrees? Sounds like a heat wave up there. Bet you are back to running shorts. I'm halfway there on the shopping, but making progress.

  4. WHOO HOO!!! I'm done Christmas shopping, too! I even bought my own gift this year - new brakes, struts, alignment, lower intake manifold, vacuum tube, EGR valve, fuel pressure regulator...

  5. Christmas shopping? It's not even close to 10 pm on the 24th.