Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it was a pizza mash

The latest winter storm is moving through and we are amply stocked with life's necessities.

I made an intrepid invasion to wal-farts yesterday, mandating beforehand that it would be my last such invasion until well after Christmas. The place can be ugly around Christmastime.

So I got us well stocked with food and shampoo and cat litter (life's necessities), and returned home to find I would have to get creative with the fridge packing. The leftovers were making their presence known, so it would be another famous clean-out-the-fridge dinner.

When this happens, I sometimes become divinely inspired and combine the leftover morsels into some nicely packaged regifted meal. Just wasn't feeling it yesterday, though.

Even now as I think about it, leftover pizza with leftoever mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy does not sound appetizing. Martha Stewart would probably declare that this is NOT living.

All I know is that this utilitarian meal was satisfyingly consumed and so far, everyone who partook has lived to eat another day.

I don't plan on serving it again, though.


terri said...

I throw WAY too many leftovers away. Maybe I just need to get creative too. Sometimes I think if I prepare it, it's hot, and I put it in front of them, they'd probably be happy. My problem is motivating myself to prepare something. Maybe I'm just setting my standards too high. Pizza and mashed potatoes? I think they might eat it...

Beej said...

Everything goes good with mashed potatoes. That's in the Bible.

agg79 said...

Leftovers are always good. Means you have enough to serve again. My significant other is not as enthusiastic as I on leftovers but I am pretty easy in that category. Leave it out and see who takes the bait...

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Hey, I don't think that there are many occasions when I wouldn't be up for pizza and mash potatoes, reheated or otherwise!

(though there was a horrifying moment there when I thought that you'd smooshed them both together...)