Wednesday, November 18, 2009

spooning, missionary style

Got a call yesterday. A not-too-frantic call from a mom friend from the elementary school. Seems she had gotten a slightly more frantic call from another mom friend a bit earlier.

Me: Hello?
MF: Hey Abby, it's Mom Friend
Me: Hey
MF: I just got a call from Other Mom Friend who just got a call from School Secretary
Me: Yeah hmmmm.
MF: School Secretary's in a panic because they NEEEED servers for the feast. Other Mom Friend has to go to work today, so she asked me to round up a few servers. Neighbor Mom Friend and I're going, you wanna go?
Me: Yeah, I can sling some hash on Wednesday.
MF: Cool, that's 4 of us so far...

So yes, today's the annual Thanksgiving Feast at the elementary school, also known as Let's-Get-High-Off-Sterno day.

Each year, the school goes all out, setting up a couple of buffet lines, cooking up a bunch of turkeys and fixings, inviting parents to eat with their kids, and getting all tryptophaned out. This endeavor takes a bit of help, mainly in the form of slave labor to carve the turkeys and dish out the food. That's where we come in.

I've done this before and it's actually quite fun and festive. And did I mention the sterno high?

So our phone conversation wrapped up

MF: School Secretary says to be there about 10:45.
Me: No problem.
MF: She says to wear black pants and white shirt.
Me: What?
MF: Yeah, they're imposing a dress code on us this year.
Me: Right, first they're begging for help, then they wanna tell us how to dress?
MF: Yeah....
Me: Okay fine.

Black pants and white shirt. Sounds a bit like "casino night at the elementary school" or perhaps a gathering of Mormon missionaries.

Anything for Let's-Get-High-Off-Sterno day, I suppose.


LauraBelle said...

oh my gawd! *cracking up laughing* ... the high's are only temporary before the headache sets in ... somewhat like the good 'ol sharpie high ... and don't forget the glue!

I would have to pull out the ironing stuff for a white shirt and probably need to buy black pants since all I ever wear is jeans and I've found those ten pounds my friend Lori lost. Heck, better yet, if I have to buy black pants, may as well get a new white shirt then I don't have to get out all the ironing stuff ... have fun!

terri said...

But if you're serving, how do you get to have lunch with YOUR kid? Or is he too old and cool for that now?

I have a feeling you could show up in your pajamas. They wouldn't turn away your help.

brandy101 said...

You know, my daughter*s school had a *feast* but I think it was just for kindergartners? Or maybe they got rid of it...I am not sure what happened to it.

Judy said...


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Slave labour turkey carving and dress codes?

I must say, as an Australian who is woefully uneducated as to the Thanksgiving rituals, I find this oddly fascinating...

Adam said...

Dress code for volunteers? oy.

Anita said...

Black and white attire...I've seen Pilgrim hats made from computer paper-complete with ribbon bows, and Indian headdress with construction paper feathers. You all should try that next year.

Herb said...

I've always heard that the Broadmoor staff wears black and white.

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