Sunday, November 22, 2009

Silver Liningness Sunday

The week started off with heavy, dense snow, and a lot of that snow is still here. Lots to evaporate! Aren't we all thankful for the hydrologic cycle?!

Onto other thankfulness, it was another good week, after all.

Firstly, we are all officially on Fall Break at the moment. An entire 9 days of no work, no school. I'm looking forward to that... I think.

The Thanksgiving Feast at the elementary school was fun and nourishing. Yes, I obediently complied and wore my white shirt/black pants casino outfit. I had stuffing duty, which is quite taxing on the forarm. Luckily, I later rotated to gravy.

No, we did not go camping this week. We would've likely frozen our patooties off had we gone, but since I made it a point to include a photo in the silver liningness entries, I just went and found one to my liking from a camping trip last summer. I'm thankful for technology... and memory.

Remember last week, I was all Laura Ingalls and made banana bread while the snow flew outside? Well Judy subsequently sent me one of her banana bread recipes, which includes crushed pineapple - oh she's a saucy one that Judy! I made two loaves of it this week. Num num num num... (no photo on account of the feeding frenzy that ensued).

We watched G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra this weekend. Clearly, I am not a member of the target audience for this movie. But it did provide a nice little nap opportunity for me.

Oh, and I'm a year older. Beats the alternative.


agg79 said...

Enjoy the break with family & friends. Glad you survived the Thanksgiving Feast and hope everyone got their fill of turkey.

BTW - Got GI Joe in my queue. Not sure we will enjoy it but will give it a try. Just finished Pineapple Express (stoner movie).

terri said...

Fall break... what a great idea! Our kids will go to school for two days this week. Hardly seems worth it.

Your banana bread sounds good! I have a few bananas that are looking past their prime. I might have to get all Laura Ingalls myself!

Adam said...

Happy belated, Abby.
And, yeah, I kinda expected GI Joe to be kind of a crappy movie. Hollywood has a way of messing with my childhood shows/ memories. :P


Herb said...

I hope you were generous with the stuffing. This weather is more like a real winter than some have been.

Anita said...

Happy belated birthday! Have you had your hot flash yet? :)