Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silver Liningness, part IX

Helloooooo from Balloon Boy Land (PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!)

Another week has flown by like a big Jiffy Pop looking balloon thing adrift on the breeze (SHUT UP!)

I got in some good VoMo activity as the elementary school had their Fall book fair. I got writer's cramp from helping first graders and kindergarteners make out their Wish Lists. Boy, they sure can shop when they have no concept of money!

Plus, with the VoMo-ing and the fact that Meego won the guess-how-many-beans-in-the-jar contest for fourth grade, we got 2 freebies to go with our purchases. Gotta love freebies.

It was also parent/teacher conference time. Meego's was scheduled, the high school ones are optional.

I actually went to see a couple of Chaco's teachers after we discovered some *ahem* issues this week. It seems that techno-geek Chaco sort of let the balloon off the tether (STOP!!) when it came to lower priority (to him) English.... History too for that matter. SO, this provided me an opportunity to meet his teachers - something I don't always do with the higher grades. All conferences went very well. I think even Chaco would agree.

Remember that cabbage that Meego grew?

We ate it this week.

It was gooooooooood.

We also watched another good movie that I'd never heard of this week. Anyone heard of Shrink with Kevin Spacey? I thought it might be depressing, but I actually rather liked it. Go see.


agg79 said...

Oooohh. Cabbage can be sooo good and sooo bad. Just don't let it balloon up on you.

Maybe Chaco's been distracted from driving too much to worry about English and History. He should learn to hold on tightly to those lessons/grades and not let them get away from him lest it cause come sort of national frenzy.

terri said...

Up, up and away-eee-yay in my beautiful, my beautiful ballOOOOOOOON!

Oops, sorry. Got a song stuck in my head now....

I miss the book fairs they used to offer at my kids' grade school. I love books and always let my kids splurge on a few at that event.

brandy101 said...

oh that balloon thing - YOu alerted em to it and I turned on CNN mid-day to see what you were posting about. I think the Heene*s owe us ALL some $$$ for wasting our time! Class-action lawsuit, anyone???


Anita said...

What a week you've had! Balloon Boy, cabbage, school are you going to follow up this week?

Thanks Abby for the laugh (that's still going on), and to the others, too, that have commented.

Judy said...


Goes by the name of Anna said...

Mmmm, food always tastes better when you grow it yourself. I'm sure that it's all some kind of marvellous placebo effect, but I can't say that I really mind all that much...