Saturday, August 8, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part LI

Greeting friends, lurkers, and people who clicked the wrong thing and ended up here...

It's another beautiful Colorado morning. Just came inside from taking a stroll up the walking path and around the school with Meego and his remote control off-roader buggy thing. There, we found the school principal and her husband cleaning up one of the garden beds - tidying up for the start of school.

Yep, school's back in a week from Monday. We had our first PTO meeting for the year this past week. I've mentioned here that I have mixed emotions about serving on this PTO board, but I signed up for another year of treasurer, Run With Lumber, and general suckerhood at the end of last year.

But the meeting was good. There's really only a couple of people that rub me the wrong way. You know the type - the attention wh*res. Of the remainder, 4 of them are way cool and have become good friends. I'm happy to serve with 'em.

And some may remember that last year, the school year ended on a very sad note with the death of one of Meego's classmates - shot by his older brother. Part of the PTO meeting sort of opened up that wound for me, but I'm happy that we were able to purchase a stone and tree for him with PTO funds.

The memorial sits in a serene spot just off of the playground.

In other thankfulness news, China the heartworm patient is doing well. She spent the day at the vet's on Monday - took a big shot of nasty stuff. Heartworm nuke or something like that. She was very sore and lethargic for about 12 hours afterward, but seems to be feeling fine now.

On a related note, oh wonder of wonders, it seems that the CAT, of all things is concerned and has been acting very protective of China during her recuperation. Cookie, the tough loner cat, usually barely tolerates any and all pet-like creatures encroaching on his territorial family. Dogs are probably lowest on the totem pole. But he's not fooling anyone now with his bedside vigils and whatnot.

And, just so you know, we're shopping for a piece-of-crap car. Just a cheap thing that runs. And there seems to be plenty out there still. Save them from the Cash for Clunkers clutches!



Beej said...

School starts Monday for us. I have mixed emotions. Schedules are a good thing for the most part I think.

Po po doggy. :-(

agg79 said...

We've been off the school track for a while now with junior in college, but it does bring back memories of the August rush before school kicks off. Seems to start earlier every year (to me).

Good luck, China. Don't let them worms win! Take it easy any you'll be up chasing squirrels in no time.

Go for a late model (mid 90's) Toyota or Nissan (or Subaru). They still seem to be roadworthy and relatively easy to maintain (if they ain't too abused). My son's still driving a 16 year old Camry with only 140k miles and it runs better that a lot newer cars.

Elizabeth said...

How funny about the cat!

You're a strong woman to brave the PTO!

Duble said...

Thanks for the post, it reminded me Neil diamond was due his heart worm preventative, chunk of nasty looking medicine but he seems to like it. On the other hand he eats rodent excriment when ever he finds it walking, so his taste is lacking. It probably is nasty.

Goes by the name of Anna said...

Awwww... Perhaps the wee kitty has a soft spot that he's not letting on about. That's rather sweet...