Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the visit

Long ago, I adapted to the FACT that once one has children, one can forget about privacy in the bathroom.

Living in a house full of males, I try to maintain at least a modicum of privacy both for my sake and for theirs, particularly now that the kids are getting older. Still, it's not uncommon for any of them to just go willy nilly (pun intended) about their business without bothering to shut the door... shutting it would just be for my sake anyway. At least they're content to wait until I've left the area and no longer just whip it out while I'm, say, brushing or flossing. So that's a start.

At least the days of them following my every move about the house are in the past, but I too can be a bit negligent.

Today, I was innocently shaving my legs. Something I do a couple of times per week to keep the Bigfoot conspirators at bay. I've done this forever - since about the time I realized that women in this country aren't culturally hairy. So it's safe to say that my kids have witnessed me shaving my legs nearly as often as they've witnessed Magnum shaving his face.

So I'm in the bathroom, one foot in the sink, scraping away on a leg, when in walks Meego.

And a friend.

Granted, I was wearing a pair of shorts (just shaving LEGS here folks!), but it was just the act... the intimacy... of leg shaving that made this feel *ahem* AWKWARD.

This friend is at our house quite often and is a bit of a communist. I don't necessarily mean that he has communist political views per se, but rather that he lives the communist lifestyle of "what's yours is mine", and often just wanders about the house like a 6th resident. I'm pretty okay with that as long as he remembers to remove his shoes (it's a Filipino thing).

He's 11 years old. He's seen me exercising, he's seen me getting ready for work, he's seen me folding laundry - including the unmentionables....

He's never been in the bathroom at the same time as me, however.

I just stopped what I was doing, wiped off the leg and took the foot out of the sink. For some reason, it seemed more appropriate to have both feet on the floor. Meego was totally indifferent to the whole thing, and from what I could tell, the same was true for the communist friend. They had come in to assess the size of the bathtub in regards to a Lego boat they had just built.

At least I wasn't in the tub. That may have caused a stir.


Herb said...

especially if you had a rubber duckie or a spoon. A spoon would cause a real stir.

brandy101 said...

Maybe the cultural practice of knocking on the door before entering a portal might be a seminar you could offer for the neighborhood kids ;)

Anonymous said...

Leg in the sink?

You are pretty limber...I would dislocate my hip if I had to do that!!!!

Judy said...

I'm pretty sure I wrote about gardening last year in shorts and my sport bra when Travis and a friend came firing back there to ask me something. I was trying to be all "oh I dress like this to go shopping" kind of thing and Travis was DEEPLY averting his eyes while his friend almost took out his front teeth, tripping over himself. All in good fun. I just keep reminding myself, at least I had on the sport bra!

agg79 said...

Aren't those the first things to go when we have kids?

terri said...

Meego obviously hasn't yet reached the age where everything and anything you do is cause for embarrassment. Give it another year or so and you won't be able to say two words, much less shave your legs in front of him without being embarrassing.