Thursday, January 29, 2009


Bi*SLA*ter - 1. Acknowledgement given to another who is leaving and who you plan on seeing again soon. 2. Acknowledgement given to another whom you are departing from and whom you plan on seeing again soon.

Ha*MAN*chies - Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

Mmmhmmmmnnnn - 1. Answer to a yes-or-no question that means neither yes nor no.

Skoonch - 1. A meal purchased and eaten at an educational institution.

Squeet - 1. Notification to a pet that it is dinnertime.

Wash*YANDS - 1. Notification to a human that it is dinnertime.


"Welp, I'm going to school. Bislater!"

"Do you have your lunch?"

"Actually, I'm having skoonch".

"What's for skoonch?"


"Have you fed the cat?"


"Better feed him, washyands"

"C'mon Cookie, squeet!"

"Okay, bislater."

"Bislater! Lovietu!".


terri said...

LOL! Yes, that's totally a real language. Family-speak, maybe?

LauraBelle said...

... scary that I recognize these asparta mown language ...

Duble said...

You people in the springs are just wrong!!

Goes by the name of Anna said...

And people wonder why I think that words are so much fun...

agg79 said...

Interesting dialect. I wonder how many are fluent in this language.

Beej said...

In AL we slur a lot...but I think it's because it's so hot and the heat exhausts us. You have to shorten things to conserve know?

Judy said...

Yew shur yer not frum Texxxxxxxasssss? Cuz yew sound laik mah naaaaayburrrrrr. I certainly don't sound laik thaaa-at.

Whodat? said...

Jeet? No? Let's gweet then.