Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday, part XXI

I was teaching this class and doing a horrible job of it. My teacher trainer was there critiquing, along with a guy from my training class. Then these extra students kept showing up whenever I turned around. I was all disorganized and had papers strewn everywhere.

Then I woke up and went, "Oh whew."

I kicked off an LSAT class this morning, and it went much smoother than in my dream. It was nice to be in a classroom after the holiday break. Now for more silver liningness:

The weather this week has been really nice. I almost feel guilty when I hear about other parts of the country dealing with bad weather. But not guilty enough to keep me from enjoying my BIKERIDE in SHORT SLEEVES the other day. HA HA HA HA! SORRY.

The kids are happily using their new XBOX 360 that they pooled their money for. So far, they're being very cooperative and trading off players because they were only able to afford two controllers.

On that note, Chaco's birthday is on Monday, and I just got around to ordering his stuff last week. You'd think I'd be smart after all these years and order his birthday stuff around the same time we get the Christmas stuff, but no, apparently not. I thought it might be late, but it arrived yesterday. I like that whole underpromise-and-overdeliver thing. I'm happy.

I'm dealing with a minor foot injury that has me cutting back on my running for a bit. Yesterday I tried the unimaginable task of riding the exercise bike we've had for about three years (despite my first point about the nice weather, yesterday was crappy). It was surprisingly fun!

As mentioned, I started a class assignment today. They seem like a good group. I doubt they will end up in those TV ads for "The Hammer", "The Strong Arm", etc. Have you been injured?

And I've gotta say it again. I'm thankful for my blog friends. I learn so much from you guys! Pet care tips, camping equipment tips, recipes, religious perspectives, sewing tips, running tips, parenting tips, tax laws, reinforcement that not all Texans are loud and just want to take over Colorado.... I won't mention names. You know who you are.


terri said...

It must be nice to have kids who can play nicely together. Mine were trying to kill each other today and I might have let them except I was worried they'd wake up their dad who needed to sleep after the night shift. Might be a good thing the oldest went back to school today.

Agg79 said...

Its good to hear the offspring are playing together well. It helps if they had to buy the 360 with their own money (intead of having it given to them). Makes them appreciative of it and less combative (until they get really good).

I may want to borrow your students for my "accident". Maybe I can sue the sidewalk?

And, what do you mean we're not loud and want to take over Colorado?

Judy said...

Short sleeves???? What was it, 40 degrees outside? It is 65 here today and I'm in a SWEATER (darn thin skin!).

brandy101 said...

LSAT class...reminds me of the LSAT class I took the summer before my senior year in college. I had a crush on my (male) teacher - a fellow from Kentucky named Kerry, with a Southern drawl and all that...



LauraBelle said...

Amazing the things you learn from everyone's comments or 'rantings' ... like what the *%^# is a LSAT? It's a miracle in itself I graduated high school ...

Anonymous said...

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