Sunday, January 25, 2009

Silver Lining Saturday (on a Sunday), part XXIII

Whoo, yesterday just flew by and I never got around to Silver Lining Saturday, but fear not, the series has not been canceled. To make this a true silver lining entry, I'll point out some of the clouds:

I worked yesterday morning into the early afternoon. I gave the usual LSAT class another test, and they were joined by two MCAT classes wanting to take tests. So the usual Saturday morning tedium of proctoring a timed test was given a bit of a shot of adrenaline by making a more chaotic tedium of simultaneously proctoring three timed tests. I was glad for the change of pace and it was also good to get all of those students tested. I'm thinking it was similar to working the McDonald's drive-thru at lunchtime. Just guessing.

My bike REALLY needs a tune-up now. Among other things, I have hardly any brakes left, front nor rear. I know this because I got in a lot of bike riding this past week with the mild weather we've been having. The weather is the main reason I haven't gotten the bike in for a good once over. The shop would want to have it for the day, and I just couldn't hand it over for that long. I figure if I get going too fast on the downhills, I can always use the Fred Flintstone braking method.

On a similar note, these mild temperatures have melted all the snow buildup in the yard, including the dog kennel, revealing her very healthy bowel function.

We had a knock-down-drag-out over XBOX privileges yesterday with Chaco. To help smooth things over, Magnum suggested we play a board game we got for Christmas but hadn't learned to play yet. It was fun, a real Norman Rockwell moment.

Watched a movie yesterday. Wanted. I thought it overdone and rather comic bookish, then I learned that it was adapted from a comic book. Aha. Just a Netflix movie, glad we didn't pay to see it at the theater. Still, Angelina Jolie is always good at playing the bad*ss.


Judy said...

Board Games can definitely soothe the savage beast - which one was it?

agg79 said...

Wow. That game sounds too complex for casual play. Would prefer a good round of dominos (42 or Moon).

Watched Wanted before the holidays. Left me "wanting" for more. Cheesy special effects and Angelina Jolie's butt? Thank goodness for Netflix.

terri said...

A little pressure at work, huh? Sounds like it was an interesting challenge. Now, get those bike brakes taken care of. We don't want to read about you recovering from a completely preventable bike accident ok???

Beej said...

I do love me some Netflix.

Static Brain said...

Fix the bike definitely. Mountainous terrain and bad brakes don't mix.

Glad you warned me about wanted, I wanted to see it, but should probably save the cash instead.