Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'twas the day before

Okay. Tree's up, smothered in decorations and on ice. The kids put the finishing touches on last night. One nice thing about these little baby trees is that the time to decorate them is minimal.

Yes, it looks a little more like a houseplant with things hanging off of it, but someday, it'll be the mighty dwarf blue spruce!

This morning, the microwave didn't seem it's normal perky self when I cooked my oatmeal. It heats, but something's different. It reminds me how reliant we are on the microwave. God forbid I should have to go out to some place retail today.

Can we go 2 days without a microwave?


Linda said...

cute tree...Merry Christmas to you...good luck with the microwave...It's amazing of dependent we get on them!! I tried once going without one..that didn't last long!!

Anonymous said...

We lost out water heater (water EVERYWHERE) last Christmas Eve. My wife had already been to the hospital twice for our child that would be born three days after Christmas.

Tracking down a water heater and installing it on that day was such an ordeal.

Microwave? Bring it on...

terri said...

Love your adorable little tree. I hope you'll post pictures of the growth over the next couple years!

Microwave? You can live without it. We were without one for almost a week once. It's doable. The worst part is that you forget you don't have it. You constantly go to put something in it and have to remind yourself you don't have one for the time being. Maybe yours will keep limping along for the next couple of days, just to get you through to the "after Christmas" season.

Freak Magnet said...

I love your little Spruce! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Abby!

As for the "nuker" (as we call the microwave) I hope it last through the week for you. I can't imagine living without one or trying to go out shopping right now for one either!

Judy said...

Can survive without a microwave? Yes.

WANT to survive without a microwave? Ew, no.

Lovely little tree!

Merry Christmas!

agg79 said...

Cute tree but looks overwhelmed with decorations. It is always amazing that from tiny beginnings, might things will grow.

You can live a short while without the technolgical advances of microwaves (we did for 10 days after Ike). Try living without a refrigerator for a long while. Just like the Marines: Improvise, Overcome & Adapt.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Going without a microwave? God forbid! When mine burned up I had to wait a few days to get another. It was awful. A lot of the easy to eat food in my cupboards is microwaveable. I cook on the stove but mainly dinner. It was horrid. All my lunches went on hiatus for a few days. May you never have to suffer like that. Crazy how much we depend on them eh?