Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bon apetite

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. The guy on the radio this morning kept referring to it as "Turkey Day" and it started to bug me.

"Here's the weather forecast for your Turkey Day".... "Here's what you should know about closures on Turkey Day".... "Our program lineup for Turkey Day is..." I don't have a problem with people who say "Happy Holidays", but c'mon. Turkey Day? He doesn't even need to say "Thanksgiving" if he doesn't want to. Just say "Thursday" or "Tomorrow", I'd be good with that, but "Turkey Day"??

I know people put much preparation into their Thanksgiving meal. I'm just cooking for the 5 of us this year, so no pressure. I made my last stop at the grocery store yesterday, and if I forgot something, well, too bad. I'm not going there today. No way.

I do like to cook. If I've got the time. And the proper equipment. And the food is interesting. And someone will actually eat it. Uhm, remember when I blogged about the Army recruiter in High School telling me I could "do anything but cook"? And remember how I'd felt a bit offended? And perplexed about how he could get that from an ASVAB test?

Truth is, deep down, I know he's right.

I see cooking as a creative activity, but I don't worry about it much. My own tastes are very simple when it comes to the actual eating part. Cooking is just a pastime - like making mud pies or paper snowflakes. I don't particularly like eating in restaurants either. It's just "recreational eating".

But I do try, most of the time, to be a healthy conscientious meal planner. Somebody's gotta do it.

I saw this meme over at Brandy101's and thought it seemed timely and worth thinking about on Thanksgiving Eve:

#1. What's the worst tasting food you've ever eaten?
Oh, GAG, that's gotta be flax seeds. I got some of those a while back because I'd heard they're supposed to be good and healthy. Thought I'd throw some in with a bowl of oatmeal. Don't do it! DON'T!! I deplore you!!! Some people offered me alternative ways to get some flax, but I just can't go back.

#2. Share a funny or embarassing story about a meal you've made.
Did you know that if you don't put enough sauce on the bottom of your casserole dish for a "quick pasta casserole", the pasta doesn't cook? At all? I do. Now.

#3. What food do you burn or have problems cooking most often?
I guess I'll go with bacon. Such fine lines there between too squishy, just right, and burnt.

#4. Name two foods you'll be eating on this Thanksgiving.
That remains to be seen. I'm planning the traditional turkey/stuffing/gravy/yams/etc. But if something gets ruined, I just don't really care enough to try to fix it. There's always peanut butter and pickle samwiches.



Anonymous said...

Dear Abby
(always wanted to say that but couldnt bring myself to do it not till now - muahahaha - ahem)

I have this friend who associates cooking & baking with making mud pies, cutting paper strips into snow flakes, etc. Should I eat Thanksgiving Dinner with her family? Or should I sneak food in the back door to her family and not hurt her feelings.

Have a Happy Tur.., Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! Hugs to you.

~ Daveman
P.S. I bet you're a better cook than you let on. And that Army recruiter can eat chicken poop and die for all I care. :-)

Beej said...

Dirty Larry knows he's not getting any dinner if he opens the door and the smoke alarm isn't going off. That's all I have to say about that.

Have a good Thanksgiving!

terri said...

Somehow my entire family has decided it will be a good idea for me to cook for all of us. All 21 of us. Pray for us.

Herb said...

I got really bugged by the guys on the radio saying that and changed stations once, only to find the guy there doing it too. I called him and he stopped. I have sought out the manager at King Soopers when I saw it on a sign there. Sign isn't there this year.

agg79 said...

Those guys are the same one who start pushing "Xmas" themes/programs after the holidays. Somehow in all of the preparations for these holidays we tend to overlook the true meanings.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Freak Magnet said...

Cowering... I think I actually might have commented on your other post "Happy Turkey Day".... LOL LOL Forgive me?? (hugs)