Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm sure there's a silver lining here somewhere

Well, this is a new one.

It started about a month ago I'd say. Just sort of a... an indication of... something. A little soreness was all. It went away for the most part and would reappear now and then, but never with much fanfare, and then it would just go away again.

Then I sneezed.

I sneezed while I was running. Surely I've done that before? No biggie. But the weird soreness thing made its presence known, a little stronger now. Having a bit more of a "presence". A presence right there. Yeah. THERE. I'm talkin' RIGHT there, a little to the left of center.

So I did a google search of my symptoms, and all paths lead to Osteitis Pubis. Cripes.

As with other such injuries, I'm supposed to Rest - easy enough. Ice - well, the location is accessible enough, but I wonder what the children will think of me sitting around with a bag of frozen veggies on the... uh... kooch. Compression - and just how to route the bandage?? Elevation - Uhm..... hmmm.....

As a recreational runner, I know that injuries are bound to happen occassionally. I've fought the hamstring wars, the plantar fasciitis battles, the charlie horse skirmishes. But this? THIS? What the hell? I've never even heard of this thing. Couldn't I just stick with the mainstream stuff??

Okay, there I go. I learned something new. Compensation for walking funny.


terri said...

I found your silver lining...

As I began to read, my mind was thinking, "Oh no no no no no. Cancer!"

So, it's not cancer, right?. And that's a good thing!

Abby said...

YIKES! Terri's right - Platinum lining!

brandy101 said...

hehe, you wrote *kootch!*

Seriously, though, as one wo suffered a still-bothersome groin injury this summer due to over-exertion during a Polka dance, I completely empathize with you! Hope you feel better soon.

Paige said...

Now see, I have a reason for not running thanks to you--I cannot abide a broken business!

Jerry said...

The jokes about this practically write themselves, but most of them can only be heard on the HBO equivilent of the blogosphere, so I'll skip them as this is a G rated blog

Whimsical Ranter said...

Oh well. I could say something funny but I'm not in a funny mood.

I hope your kooch feels better soon and back its old kootchie self.

Hmmmm. ya.

Daveman said...

I still think these injuries are more the extracaricular kind - No No No - not that. Your beating up old drunks and pervs in the park during your runs. I know its a temptation when passing some drunken lout in the park to just go and kick his @$$ - but you must take a step back and realize - despite the fun, they do kick and thrash back. Sure you still win, but thats not the point.

UHm - whatever I just said Ignore. My pain meds are at work again,
COme back home mommie!?