Tuesday, September 30, 2008

moving my cheese and other stuff

Something's screwy.

It was a Monday like any other. I was going about some business - the usual Monday morning errand cycle. First stop was the post office. I was inside readying my package when I decided to check our P.O. box since I'm there. Except... I can't find my keys *dread music*.

What the...? I know I have them, I'd just used them to lock my bicycle. I start digging around my backpack, pockets, lifting stuff up, looking all around, all to no avail. Lastly, I decide to go back outside to check. There they are in the crotch, or whatever it's called, of my bicycle. I'm relieved to have found them, but still razzem frazzeming about them being misplaced in the first place.

Next I go to mail the stuff. I'm paying with my credit card, but WAIT! The postal person asks for my ID, and my driver's licence is gone *more dread music* What the...? I keep it in the same pocket of my wallet that I keep my credit card, for just such occassions, and it's just. not. there. I pay with the debit card instead, but I'm perplexed. Need to find that driver's license.

I dig through my backpack, maybe it somehow fell out of the walllet. Nothing. I dig through the other pockets in my wallet. AHA! There it is, in a different slot! I'm relieved to have found it, but still razzem frazzeming about it being misplaced in the first place.

I'm starting to get a bit of the heebie jeebies at this point, but nothing too serious. I approach my bicycle to head out onto the next destination. I'd had my hair in a ponytail when I'd ridden over and I go to tie it back up again, but WAIT! My ponytail holder is gone *"No, not the ponytail holder!" music*. What the...? I'd slid it off and put it in my front pocket like I've done a bazillion times before.

Again, it's the digging through the backpack, the pockets, lifting stuff up, looking all around. Nothing. Okay, now THIS is starting to get annoying. For lack of another plan, I retrace my steps into and around the post office. There's my ponytail holder. Lying on the ground between the entrance and the P.O. boxes. Razzem Frazzem!

After that, my day progressed without much incident of note. Clearly, the trouble lies within the post office. This. The same post office that I was singing the praises of not too long ago. Well NO
MORE! It shall now be known henceforth as...

The Poltergeist Office...


BITR Country Girl said...

I have those days all the time! Thanks for the words of encouragement the other day!

terri said...

Stuff like that happens to me, but I usually blame it on the black hole I like to call my purse.

Of course a poltergeist is so much more fun than a purse!

Whimsical Ranter said...

OMG you just described a day in my life!

Wow...but you're lucky it doesn't happen to you that often.

Paige said...

That is me before I even get to work.

Glad the rest of the day lined out and your house was still there when you got home. It was, wasn't it?

brandy101 said...

that is the perimenopausal brain fog I have read so much about - not as if I have never experienced it, oh NO! ;)