Tuesday, September 2, 2008

goodbye summer!

Years ago, as a high school kid, the one event that clearly marked the end of summer was the state fair. Slightly bigger and roudier than the county fair, the state fair was our last hurrah before the carefree days of summer turned into the irresponsible days of high school.

Our marching band would compete in the annual state fair parade, so summers were spent practicing for this anticipated event. Then, we would load up the school busses and travel to the hottest place in the state at the hottest time of year to march in the parade in full-body synthetic band uniform glory. As a flag girl, I don't think I had it as bad as those instrument players, but eventually a point is reached where there's not a whole lot of contrast.

But we were young and tough, those of us that didn't pass out from heat exhaustion anyway, and it was all fun. Besides, once the parade was finished and we'd all rehydrated, there was a mass coed clothing change in the school buses (not as juicy as it sounds - band geeks, remember?), and we were let loose on the state fair!

The rides! The booths! The food! The cowboys! We'd meet back at the busses hours later with our sourvenirs and grime, ready to settle into the school year.

I hadn't been to the Colorado state fair in a while, but yesterday with everyone having the day off, we decided to head on down. We had a great time. Yeah, it was hot. Keeps out the riff-raff.... or not. (Note to Terri: There was not a deep fried cheese curd to be found, believe me, I looked!)

The Grand Champion Dove (?). Yeah, he's a STUD!

I call this one: "Pondering Chickens by the Men's Room"

Meego pans for gold.... don't quit your day job.

Six year old mutton bustin' champion. C'mon guys, you know you want to try this!

All Betty Crocker by the prize winning breads and jellies and stuff.

I call this guy "Hellboy". Nice Hellboy... uh man... bull.... sir. Please stop? Uh... whoa? WHOA!!


terri said...

No cheese curds? That's just wrong. But I'm sure there were other unique fair foods for you to enjoy. Tell me you had at least one kind of food served on a stick?

We had no mutton bustin' at our fair and I feel cheated.

Judy said...

That is one scary Hellboy. Eeks.

Mrs. Diamond said...

Just checking out your new digs over here. :) The kids went back to school so maybe I'll have about 3 more minutes a day to blog ;)

Jamie said...

I come from a farming family and "Hellboy" (which I love the nickname by the way) is what is called a Watusi. It's a breed of cattle mainly found in Africa.

It should be a requirement that deep fried cheese curds be at ALL fairs! I feel a letter coming on!

I found your blog on wornoutwoman's blog.

pendoodles said...


Hey hellboy looks great & so do you & the kids. :)

I miss going to the fair.

Jamie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :)

Jerry said...

I've not been to a state fair since, 91 wait not i lived in il in 91 and didn't go to that state fair, it would have been 89.

I think I went to the Utah state fair in 89.

Altough I went to the casino on the New MExico state fair grounds, does that count? I am guessing no.