Thursday, September 11, 2008

*acting natural*

I've been mopping.

I've been mopping like a madwoman. I've been mopping like someone with a perpetual sense of longing to mop with no release until now. Nothing like a long luxuriously satisfying mop session. Or several.

Well... actually.... no. But I did mop the hardwoods. They look and smell nice. One could eat off of them. In fact, I'm sure one will soon if one hasn't already.

In other news, tomorrow is Field Day at the elementary school. I'm a sack race official. Sack races with no actual sacks, but that's another story that I don't feel like going into right now. And today was a PTO meeting.

See what happens when you have an elementary school practically in your back yard? Sack race meeting yesterday. PTO meeting today. Field Day tomorrow. I was walking the dog earlier today and we walked past the school while some kids were out having recess. I heard one of them say to one of his friends, "I think that's a teacher walking her dog". See how much I'm there?! Some kids think I work there.

But that's okay. It's a luxury, really, to have time to volunteer. And on that note, I got Meego's school pics today. On school picture day, the photographers told us volunteers that we would receive a free package - the very basic package - but free. Turns out, that was the package I'd ordered anyway.

Well, another volunteer started whining. That wasn't the package she wanted. She wanted a more elaborate package. I said nothing out loud but in loud (is that a phrase?) I said, "They don't have to give us anything. We're volunteers. Be glad for the basic package, then add on the additional stuff". But no. She was all in a huff and the photographers appeased her with a free whatever-she-wanted.

So I get Meego's pics and it's way more than the basic package. Apparently, they gave all of us volunteers the package that the whiner whined for and got. Among other things, I've got this huge (8 x 10) of Meego looking like he's trying not to look like he's posing and failing miserably.

That's why I order the basic package and only the basic package.


brandy101 said...

sheesh, arent people pains in the arse sometimes???

I have cut back my volunteering for a little while until I am through with the ups & downs of my ovarian issues (ie - until I know for sure if/when I am having surgery and after I am healed from said surgery.)

But I do have a meeting tonight that I want to blow off but I know I have to miss it next month so I will go...

Hey, what sort of mop do you use? Anything you would recommend? I have so many discarded floor care deivces; I have yet to find one I like and that works well in my kitchen. (Vinyl flooring).

Judy said...

Hoo boy - I always go with the basic package for that very reason. Who needs an 8x10 of a fake poser?

terri said...

Yep. We go with only the basic package too. It's one shot. The odds of it actually being a photo worth spending money on are slim to none.

I can't stand when people whine like your whiner. Where do they get this sense of entitlement?

Whimsical Ranter said...

Ditto what everyone else said.

Jerry said...

is field day the same as the lubmer with lumber or what ever that day is?

Herb said...

It's funny how people will complain about something free.