Thursday, August 28, 2008

picture perfect

School picture day at the middle school today. Wolfgang forgot his money. *big exaggerated sigh*

Yep, saw the envelope hanging there, tacked to the bulletin board just where I'd tacked it, right after I filled out the form and wrote out the check. All this was, of course, done while Wolfgang sat right next to me as we chose the one of the gazillion packages offered.

Surely he wouldn't forget it.

I expected the phone to ring this morning, him wanting me to bring his picture order and money to school, but it never did. This was either because:
(A) He was still clueless that it's picture day
(B) He figured they'd let him bring the money late
(C) He remembered the wise words spoken by his mother, "If you forget something you need for school, don't call me, I ain't bringin' it".

I considered the options. I could: (bare with me, I seem to be into multiple choice today)
(A) Let it go and try again on retake picture day, or just have no 8th grade pic of Wolfgang
(B) Order the package after the fact, which I learned requires a "processing fee"
(C) Just run the dang order over there already

I ended up going with choice (C). I guess the school picture thing is as much my thing as his. I have one of those 3-photo picture frames that houses the most recent school pics. Meego and Chaco have already successfully completed their picture days this year, so I couldn't have an incomplete set, right? Actually, I could, but it might scar Wolfgang for life, so I decided to take the envelope to school.

Now, we know that I am averse to driving unless absolutely necessary. The 260 hp, all wheel drive vehicle is not necessary for delivering an envelope with a check in it to a building 3 miles away. But it's like super duper windy today. Must be all the hot air blowing out of Denver this week *cough COUGH cough*.

Oh well, I got on my bike and headed out, wearing Wolfgang's fleece pullover. He would pay for this somehow, I guess via me sweating up his fleece. I arrived at the school and was told to fill out the "item drop-off" sheet. Looking at the entries before mine, I read, "picture money... picture money... picture money... picture money... picture money... swim bag... picture money... picture money... picture money".

Sheesh, who's the "swim bag" kid? Doesn't he know he's supposed to forget picture money today?


Beej said...

Mine don't forget to take things as much as they forget to bring things home. My eldest brought home everything in his locker yesterday just so he wouldn't forget anything. He said he didn't want me yelling at him any more. I feel kinda sorry for him, but hey...I made my point.

Anonymous said...

My middle kid will forget to tell me his lunch account is low or out of money for days on end. When he finally remembers to ask me for a check and I ask what he's been eating for 3 days or 5 days or whatever, he'll tell me he just skips lunch. I feel BAD!

Judy said... didn't have anything else to do today, right?

Herb said...

There certainly was a hot air front from the north. Abi is a senior this year and still forgets stuff.

Deirdre said...

Lol. You are so funny!

And a good Mommy. I adore you.

Whimsical Ranter said...

That's too funny and I'm sure you figured out something very creative to do with the forgetful one.

Anonymous said...

Well said.