Wednesday, August 13, 2008

beginning of a new error

School starts tomorrow. For everyone here except Wolfgang. Our school district allows the middle school and high school newbies to have the schools all to themselves on the first day. This means that only 6th graders have middle school and only stupid freshmen have high school tomorrow. Wolfgang's a stupid 8th grader, so he gets the day off.

Last night we had the finals of the check-ins with Meego. Met his new teacher and had some ice cream and I helped sell nearly $500 worth of t-shirts. I think his teacher will be a goodie. She's brand new to the school. Brand new to the state in fact. She seems upbeat and ready to get going, unlike some teachers who have obviously passed the point of burnout (come on, we all have at least one of those we know of).

So this past week has been busy with checking into 3 different schools, the dreaded trips to shop for school supplies, along with the usual housewifery and tutorage responsibilities that are my daily existence.

I think they're all excited to go back. I remember feeling the same way when I was a school kid. Yeah, sure the novelty of it all wore off after a short while, but still, that first day... Chaco even "practiced" getting up on time this morning since he starts school earlier than ever before in his life. School starts at 7:14 a.m. Not 7:15, not 7:10, but 7:14. He was up this morning at 5:45, got showered, dressed, fed, and was ready to go on time.

How long before I have to throw things at him to get him out of bed? Any wagers?


terri said...

Your kids start school EARLY! Ours don't go until after Labor Day.

I'm impressed that Chaco even practiced getting up on time. I think every one of my kids will just fly by the seat of their pants, as usual on day one.

Judy said...

I give him until Labor Day. Reality will set in then. That, and socialization. Which requires evening hours, I think.

We start on the 25th, taran-tara! Okay, TRAVIS starts on the 25th, Tyler and I start on September 2nd - WOOT!

Herb said...

Abigail started Monday. HHS starts late on Monday so Tuesday was the test, but she likes it. the school takes some raps because of our neighborhood and demographics, but the teachers and principal work hard.

Mr. Buddha Magoo said...

You just know the right words to make me swoon don't you. Now if you would just say the schools decided to go year round and never let the slack jawed mall rats out until they are 23, I would be over the moon!!!!

pendoodles said...

OOoooooooooo so this means that school started today! YEAH ;)

Time for Abby again.