Saturday, May 5, 2018

joys of spring?

OMG, these birds are driving us a bit bonkers.  Apparently, they have a nest  nearby to protect.  And we have a killer cat.

Every time the cat goes outside, the screechfest begins.  Two birds constantly harass by buzzing him and screeching and pecking on stuff.  I did some online research and quickly identified the nasty neighbors as Western Scrub Jays.

See?  It just looks grumpy all the time!

I learned that there is no color difference between male and female scrub jays, so I'm assuming these two in our yard are Mom and Dad.  They're actually quite pretty birds, but with horrible personalities.

Listed under behavior:  "Assertive, inquisitive, and vocal"  Yup.

If one of us humans is outside with the cat, they leave him/us alone while keeping a watchful eye.  So now the cat not only lets us know he wants to go out, he also begs us to go with him.  Bodyguard style.

I'll admit that I've lobbed a lacrosse ball at them a few times - meaning only to scare them off.  However, if one of  my tosses were to "accidentally" hit the mark, I'm not sure I'd be too remorseful.

But then I think, they're just being good parents.  Good parents that make for lousy neighbors.

I was thinking this morning that we could rig up some sort of scarecrow... scarejay?  Maybe tether some obnoxious mylar balloons in the yard, but with my luck it wouldn't work.  Then we'd have annoying birds and obnoxious mylar balloons in the yard. 

I guess we're stuck in this phase until the little twerps grow up.


LL Cool Joe said...

Haha. Well they are attractive looking birds. In the AZ we have one of those hideous plastic owls with a rotating head, and it does seem to scare the birds away a bit.

I can picture you lobbing a lacrosse ball at them. I'm now waiting to read your next post when you hit the mark.

Abby said...

Those hideous plastic owls with the rotating heads freak ME out!

ShadowRun300 said...

How long will it take the little twerps to grow up? Sheesh. Poor Napolion! (Never thought I’d say that...)

Abby said...

I never thought I'd say that either, but I really feel for the murderer.