Sunday, January 7, 2018

"A" is for apron

So it turns out, I enjoy cooking.  Who knew?  Probably not the family 😕

I started the new job last week, and so far, I really like it.  I'm not quite ready to say "I love you" just yet...

I left my job as a study hall overseer that, frankly, was for me, like watching paint dry.  The school district food service provider had openings, so I signed on.  We discussed my background and blah, blah, blah, and I'm on track for a supervisor position.

The original plan was for me to hop around to various sites and eventually land somewhere, but the boss lady called a couple of days before the kids went back to school and asked if I'd take a position at one of the base kitchens.  Of all the sites they manage, there were four I was mainly interested in.  This school was at the top of my list, so I said, "Yeah, okay."

I wasn't really looking forward to the vagabond life anyways.

So I'm there and it's creative, and fast-paced, and highly productive, and with a fun bunch of coworkers.  The crew is mostly made up of others like me - moms who'd had some career that they'd left to raise the kids.  Now we feed about a thousand of 'em.

Plus, being a base kitchen, we cook a buncha stuff for the elementary schools too and ship it out.  My professional background is in manufacturing, and there are a lot of similarities.

And I'll say that school lunch is a lot different than from when I was a school kid.  All the choices! And the food is appetizing!  It's like a freaking food court!

Now they get the grill, the "fiesta bar" (Mexican), the "upper crust" (Pizzas), the build-your-own subs, and the daily special.  There's hot breakfast too.  Sheesh.

When I was a schoolkid, all the way through high school, we had two choices:  tray or no tray.

For Illustration Friday, the prompt this week is "The letter A".  I wonder if we're going to work through the whole alphabet.  Should I study up for "X"?


LL Cool Joe said...

Geez it sounds like eating at Applebee's. :D Nothing like my school dinners. I hope you going from liking your job to loving it soon!

Morgan C said...

I enjoyed school lunch when I went to school so long ago, but this sounds like the kids get awesomeness everyday! I'm glad you got your top school and you continue to enjoy your work!

Tee said...

Hey, congrats on the new job! Sounds like a great opportunity and there's probably never a dull moment! And with food like you've described, you're probably a hero in the kids' eyes.

ShadowRun300 said...

Sounds fun! And sounds like you’re earning your couch time at the end of the day.
I remember the tray or no tray days. I was stoked when I went to high school and could order pizza and fries! Lunch of champions!
I sure hope you’re able to say you love your job. Because I love mine, and I think everyone should. :)

lotta joy said...

First, congratulations. Second, when I was in school we had (for a normal meal) mac & cheese with mashed potatoes and peas. And sometimes we got that abnormal square piece of ice cream that never melted.