Sunday, June 4, 2017

kathy griffin covfefe

I was gonna do a "weekly recap" blog post, but my week was rather uneventful, so I had to borrow some words from general news headlines for my title.  If you found yourself here assuming something interesting is in store, you can probably leave now.

Today, I enjoyed a lovely morning bike ride under sunny blue skies.  As I was returning towards home, I ran into a wall o' people and pooches!

I learned that today was the annual Doggie Dash 5k.  I thought it was actually kinda nice to see so many people out enjoying the morning and raising some money for the charity.  A few other bicyclists looked to be grumbling at the inconvenience.  To that I say, "get over it!".

It was an out-and-back "race", so the canine horde only took up about a mile and a half of the pathway.  Most were pretty considerate of the others out recreating like myself.  I did almost get taken out by a Great Dane who decided to explore the area near a water station.  That's not a collision I would've won.

In other news of people with more exciting lives than myself, Wolfgang just returned from a fun trip to Europe.  One of his friends was invited to present a paper at a conference in Paris, so Wolfgang and the friend's brother tagged along.

He sent this "obligatory" pic

peanut butter and jealous!
A strange thing happens whenever Wolfgang leaves on a fun trip.  Our weather turns to crap.  It was true for the most part during this trip, so another reason I'm glad he's back.

I haven't actually seen him since he returned late last night.  He did spend that final 48 hours of the trip dealing with flight delays and cancellations, so not all of his texts were of the sort to be envious... but most were.

Have I ever mentioned that I don't even own a passport?


John Holton said...

Is Wolfgang wearing a Braves cap?

Abby said...

Upon close inspection, I think it's product placement for Adidas.

ShadowRun300 said...

I am SO glad you avoided the Great Dane. Yikes.
How cool that Wolfgang got to go to Paris! Does his trip have you itchin' to use your credits yet? One last hurrah before your new job starts?

Abby said...

The Great Dane and his mom were well ahead of the rest of the pack, so probably jogged it. Mom went to cool him off by pouring one of the gallon water jugs over his back, which made him go all, "What the...?!" and jump across the path. This all took about two seconds as my life flashed before my eyes.
One last hurrah, yes! It doesn't even need to be Paris!

Jimmy said...

I agree the Great Dane incident could have ended badly, it's great you avoided colliding with him.

It's good that Wolfgang got to make that trip, and great he finally came home and brought you some good weather.

I've never owned a passport either.

Abby said...

That Great Dane was a big and beautiful dog, black and all shiny. The water incident mainly emphasized the BIG.
Neither you nor I have a passport, but we've seen the Big Peach! What more is there??

Linda Hensley said...

I don't know what the Big Peach is and I don't have a passport. My life seems to need improvement? But good for Wolfgang to go on his trip even if it did bring you some crappy weather for a while.

Abby said...

It's probably worse for the Big Peach to have not been graced by your presence than the other way around.

Morgan Cartwright said...

I love the "obligatory" pic. Those are my favorite. I think everyone should have one in front of the Eiffel Tower. I guess we should all get those passports. :)

Abby said...

It's like the purpose of the Eiffel Tower was for the photo ops! Hmm... what was the purpose of the Eiffel Tower??

Morgan Cartwright said...

1889...something something...World's Fair...remember French Revolution...something something...
It's scary that I actually remember that. I didn't really study a lot of World History. lol

Jimmy said...

Very true, you can't ask for any more than that, life is good