Sunday, January 8, 2017


Have you been to that new restaurant on the moon?

I've heard the food's great, but there's no atmosphere...


Yeah, okay, sorry.  This week's prompt for Illustration Friday is "sound".  It's commonly noted that there is no sound in space.  But really, it's more correct to say that there's no sound that human's can detect.

Sound waves need some sort of medium to travel through, and the pressure they create travels to our eardrums.  In space, there isn't enough "medium" to create enough pressure for our ears.  Does that mean there's no sound?  Ouch, my head hurts...

Here on earth, I have a friend who teaches art at our local school for the deaf and blind.  She asked her deaf students to depict, in a drawing, an aspect of their lives where their deafness makes them feel different.

I saw some of the drawings, they were quite interesting.  Some were kind of sad, indicating bullying or loneliness.  But most were actually quite nice, showing a calmness and maybe a bit of freedom from noise.

The drawing I remember the most was done by a teenage girl.  She drew her family - all of whom can hear fine other than her - sitting at the dinner table.  Everyone was drawn in grey, including their food and silverware, with little detail.  But the girl drew herself vividly, with bright colors and vibrant designs on her clothing.  Her food, plate, and silverware were rich with colors and details.

She told my friend that she felt kind of bad for her family members because they couldn't see the world the way she did, encumbered as they were with all of that pesky sound.

It was a great drawing.

Oh, and my family returned to cold Colorado last night.  They had a nice time.  Everyone's back.  Safe and sound.


LL Cool Joe said...

My brother is 60% deaf, and a few years back he got a hearing aid and couldn't bare hearing all the sounds that we just take for granted, like the rustling noise the newspaper makes when you read it etc. He now doesn't use his hearing aid.

ShadowRun300 said...

How sweet is that? I love that she feels like she's the one blessed. Great story. And great drawing once again!
Glad your boys are home safe and sound. Is it your turn to travel? Florida's in the 80s right now. Just sayin'...

Abby said...

I bet that would take getting used to. Chaco has a friend who's been deaf since birth. He has a cochlear implant that he can conveniently turn off.

Abby said...

Her drawing really got her (unexpected?) point across. I think it IS my turn!