Friday, January 20, 2017

it could be worse

I returned to the gym this week, figuring that most of the resolutionists that were going to stay have somewhat acclimated to their new lifestyles, and the rest have hung up their gear.  It was noticeably more crowded on Monday, but that was a holiday for many people.  The other days have featured mostly the familiar faces.

I usually go in the middle of the day, because I can, during  off-peak hours.  Most of the patrons are older retired men, women around my age, young moms with kids in the childcare and/or elementary school, and early 20's types who probably work in the evenings.

Prior to this, I hadn't belonged to a gym in several years.  Recall that Wolfgang talked us into joining his gym, thus upgrading from single to family membership, which drastically reduced his fees.  Now, a few months in, I'm glad we decided to join - especially now in what's become the "season of foot appreciation".

It's a large facility, with plenty to do.  When we were checking it out, I read the reviews online, which were mostly favorable.

The unfavorable ones mentioned dings against the childcare, complaining that "the kids are allowed to sit and watch TV".

And I'm thinking, "do these people want a safe place for their kids or a free kids' camp?"  But I really can't comment, I don't use the childcare.

Then there are those who complain about the food and prices in the cafe.  I can't comment, I don't go to a gym to eat.

One review states,"It is not a comfortable place for women. Men have made extremely sexist, derogatory remarks to me and made me extremely uncomfortable to even be there."  Personally, I haven't experienced that at all, nor have I seen such offenses against any of the other women while I've been there.  In general, the men seem to just ignore me...

Then there were critical reviews complaining about the parking lot.  I mentioned, it's a big facility, so the parking lot is large to accommodate members during peak hours.  Apparently, some exercisers don't like having to walk across a parking lot?

Oh well.  Live and let live.  Maybe I should get this workout top.



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Mimi B said...

I'm hoping to join a gym. Maybe I should check out the reviews first! I can't imagine wanting to eat at a gym. Thankfully no kids will need childcare. Doubtful men will give me a second look let alone a first, which I'm more than thankful for. In the end, I'm pretty sure I will die, hence not signing up yet!

ShadowRun300 said...

I never thought I would join a gym, but two years later I'm still very faithful to it. My gym used to be a health plex where many seniors went for exercise. It's since been converted to a Y, but the seniors still remain. I like that I don't feel intimidated there.
It amazes me sometimes what people will complain about on Trip Advisor. One of our guests complained that I kicked her out of the hotel for smoking. Uh... we're a non-smoking hotel. She was smoking. I kicked her out. In a weird way, I think her review actually helped us.

Abby said...

HaHa! I hope you find one that you like. Definitely go visit and check everything out, including the dressing room, and read the reviews. Then report back!

Abby said...

I think some people just like to complain. Our gym's not perfect - whatever that would mean.
Wolfgang asked when I go. I told him I go around noonish. He said he went once around that time.
"Buncha moms".

KatBouska said...

Hahaha! They don't like to walk across a parking lot...the irony is not lost on me. I need to join a gym. We used to belong but ours got to be a little too spendy. Maybe I need a family plan!