Monday, August 15, 2016

summer haul

School starts today in our school district.  As a kid, I always got excited about the first day of school - getting back into the swing, new clothes, new school supplies, catching up with friends.  Oh, I guess there was new stuff to learn too.  Actually, I even looked forward to new classes.

Meego seems to be looking forward to starting another year too.  He actually gets today off because it's "dumb freshman" day at the high school (my name for it).  He'll officially start tomorrow.

As I've mentioned before, he works summers for a school supply kit business.  They stock and ship pre-packaged kits based on provided lists.  Remember running around checking stuff  off the lists?  Not necessary, just order from EduKit!  Heck, I used them back in the day.

So his last day was Friday, and as is typical, employees get to pick items for themselves from some designated leftovers.  He came home Friday afternoon carrying a good-sized box

He rides his bike to work, so when he came in carrying this box, I asked how he'd gotten it home.  Did someone give him a ride?  Was his bike still at the warehouse?  

Neither one, he said.  Then he went on to mimic the act of riding his bicycle while steering with one arm and carrying the box in the other.  What?

"The box seemed smaller in the building".

The warehouse is conveniently located just under three miles from our house, so it's a nice bike ride except when riding through duck poop in the rain.  But there are decent hills (we live in Colorado) and other obstacles, so doing it while carrying a densely packed  12"x 12" x12" box sounded pretty challenging.  

He described the ride home to me, and it seems he did use good caution.  Still, I can't help but think that anyone who saw him was thinking, "Who's that kid's mother?!"

Despite his method of getting the haul home, he did make some good reasonable choices.  Picked things he knew he would need and typically runs out of quickly.  We've still got some unused items from year's past (Wolfgang used to work there too) that are of the more flashy-but-probably-won't-need variety.

And I was touched.  He even thought of me while he "shopped", and bestowed upon me these gifts.

Disinfectant wipes and 3 fine-tipped sharpies.  *sniff*, that's love.  



agg79 said...

Aww. Nothing says "I love you mom" like a couple of Sharpies and Clorox wipes. I am picturing the ride home with the box. That would make for an interesting Olympic event - Road Cycling while carrying a 12 x 12 x 12 box full of school supplies. Now THAT's must see TV.

baili said...

oh may he must have safe journey every day dear

unlike my kids i enjoyed every day in my school because i had friends there and fun time too,my boys really seem super excited first day of new class with everything new they equipped with

ShadowRun300 said...

Wait. Didn't he just take a big spill on his bike? He's got some guts. Gotta admire his courage! (At least coming from me who took 2 years to get back up on a bike.)
I was always excited for the first day of school. Mario starts tomorrow, and she's looking forward to it too. The boys.... Not so much.

Abby said...

I totally think there should be scholarship money available for such skills.

Abby said...

First day is always pretty exciting. So is the last day.

Abby said...

I think a majority of teenage boys have short term memory loss for things like bike crashes.